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Unusual climbers

Aristolochia kaempferi BSWJ14674 3lt
Dutchman's pipe climber with heart shaped leaves so just on foliage an interesting addition to the garden.
Aristolochia sempervirens BSWJ13600 3lt Aristolochia sempervirens BSWJ13600 3lt
Unusual evergreen climber with arrow shaped leaves. Flowers are typical Dutchmans pipe flowers of brown with yellow throats and definite eye catchers.
Celastrus kusanoi CWJ12445 3lt
Oriental Bittersweet,Staff Vine. Small twining climber collected by Crug Farm in Taiwan. Rounded green leaves that turn yellow in autumn. Small green flowers followed by yellow fruit that open to expose deep orange seeds.
Celastrus orbiculatus 5lt
Oriental Bittersweet,Staff Vine. Vigorous climber with rounded green leaves that turn yellow in autumn. Small green flowers followed by yellow fruit that open to expose pink to red seeds. 
Dioscorea nipponica
A herbaceous twining climber with dark green heart shaped leaves which turn bright yellow in autumn before die back to the ground where a large tuber is formed
Euonymus fortunei Woolong Ghost 3lt Euonymus fortunei Woolong Ghost 3lt
An evergreen climber with attractively veined narrow dark green leaves.
Hydrangea anomala Crug Coral 3lt
An unusual climbing Hydrangea with pink tinged lace cap flowers in Summer. Also can be used as a ground cover as it has really good Autumn colour before its leaves drop.
Hydrangea anomala ssp. anomala "Winter Surprise" 3lt
Climbing Hydrangea. A very exciting form of the climbing hydrangea from a Nepalese seed collection which keeps its leaves to -5c and turns vivid crimson colour. The white lacecap flowers are occasionally produced in the spring.
Hydrangea anomala ssp. petiolaris 4lt deep
The Korean form of the climbing hydrangea that is slightly different in size and shape. Dark green leaves turning yellow in autumn and domed clusters of white flowers surrounded by white bracts in May-June.
Hydrangea semiola 4lt deep
A woody, semi evergreen climber. Clinging by aerial roots with mid green leaves and greenish white domed flowerheads surrounded by white flowers in summer.
Kadsura japonica BSWJ14672 3lt
Evergreen doecious twining climber from Japan collected by Crug. Dark glossy green leaves which go red for Autumn. Cream flowers not dissimilar to Schisandra to which it is related.
Schizophragma integrifolium Windmills 4lt deep
Outstanding hardy climber related to Hydrangea. White lace cap flowers in Summer with lovely lance shaped bracts.
Thladiantha dubia 2lt
Fast-growing herbaceous climber emerging from perennial tubers. Yellow bell shaped flowers if fertilised will produce red or green fruits.
Thunbergia fragrans 3lt
Rare herbaceous climber in UK although 2019/20 remained evergreen for us.