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Tender plants

Abutilon 'Red Tiger' 3lt
This is one of the more hard to find Abutilon. A semi-evergreen shrub with a upright habit dark green acer like leaves. A profusion of red and yellow/orange pendent bell-shaped flowers from mid-spring till Autumn. 
Begonia carolineifolia 2lt
Palmate Begonia. Originally from Mexico with large dark green palmate leaves. Growing on a large upright rhizome. white begonia flowers. Best in a pot in shade which can then be bought inside for Winter. 
Begonia Crestabruchii 1lt
A handsome foliage plant with large, glossy, green leaves with hairy ruffled margins and very hairy petioles. Pink/white begonia flowers in March-May. Shade or semi-shade. Protect from frost.
Begonia Luxurians 3lt
An amazing begonia from the rainforests of Brazil. Unfortunately not hardy but none the less a much sought after plant by plants people. Fine outside in dappled shade in the summer and invaluable for giving that different look! Protect from frost. 
Begonia masoniana Iron Cross 2lt
A handsome foliage houseplant with large heart shaped puckered leaves with a deep green cross. We obtained this form from Cally Gardens. Max Height 35cm. Max Spread 45cm. Bright room away from direct sunlight.
Begonia metallica 2lt
A handsome foliage plant with large heart shaped metallic olive/green sliver-haired leaves with red veins underneath. Clusters of pale pink flowers in summer. Max Height 1.2m. Flowers August to September. Part to full shade. Protect from frost.
Pennisetum purpureum 'Vertigo' 3lt

A Very dramatic purple-black flushed grass with chalky white culms. Height between 2m and 4m. Not hardy needs frost free protection for winter. Full sun to partial shade.

Solanum pyrocanthum 3lt
Spiny shrubby plant which unfortunately not winter hardy in UK. Large fluorescent orange thorns up the stem and spines on the grey/green leaves. Purple flowers followed by round yellow fruits. Heated greenhouse it for winter and collect seeds for insurance. Full sun. Poisonous do not eat!
Strobilanthes sp 'Orizaba' 2lt
An attractive foliage plant from Mexico with bronzy/dark green leaves with a purple underside.
Tradescantia fluminensis 'Quick Silver' 1lt
A very effective trailing plant with striped variegated foliage producing small, white, starry flowers.
Tradescantia fluminensis Maidens Blush 1lt
A very effective trailing plant with pink and white new foliage turning dark green occasionally producing small stary flowers.