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Sunny position plants

Chitalpa tashkentensis Chitalpa tashkentensis
Out of stock at present. A hybrid tre from Catalpa and Chilopsis giving stunning flowers late summer. A very usefull tree for the small garden.
Coriaria japonica Coriaria japonica
Arching branches with attractivley red tinged pinnate leaves
Corokia cotoneaster Corokia cotoneaster
A rounded bush of interlacing branches with dark green leaves and clusters of fragrant yellow flowers followed by red or yellow fruit.
Cynara cardunculus (1) Cynara cardunculus (1)
A handsome clump-forming perennial with deeply cut, silvery grey leaves. Large thistle-like, purple flowerheads, produced on grey woolly stems.
Decaisnea fargesii
A decideous shrub/tree also known as Dead mans fingers because of its unusual edible blue sausage like fruits.
Dracunculus vulgaris
Sold out. A tuberous perennial with large dark green leaves marked purple-brown, in summer, foul-smelling, maroon-purple spathes produced above the leaves.
Eucomis comosa 'Sparkling Burgundy'
Out of stock presently. An unusual flowering bulb producing pretty spike-like heads of star shaped flowers resembling a pineapple With dark strap like leaves.
Eucomis vandermerwei 'freckles"
Sold out. An unusual flowering bulb producing pretty spike-like heads of star shaped flowers resembling a pineapple
Fargesia rufa Fargesia rufa
A clump-forming bamboo with canes yellow-green at first becoming yellow, eventually arching under the weight of bright green narrow leaves.
Holboellia coriacea 7.5lt
Twinning evergreen climber with attractive fragrant flowers in spring which can be followed by sausage like fruits in a good growing season.
Ilex cornuta Ilex cornuta
Rare Chinese holly common name box holly because of it near square shape leaf. Lovely glossy evergreen tolerant of shade through to full sun.
Iris confusa Iris confusa
Tall iris with small delicate white flowers with light blue and yellow markings.
Melianthus major Melianthus major
)An architectural plant with deeply cut, glaucous blue-grey foliage and brownish crimson to deep brick red flowers. May die down in most winters but shoots again.
Metrosideros excelsa
Sold out for this season. New Zealand Christmas tree. An evergreen shrub/tree with glossy green leaves and stunning red flowers Full sun. Tender if you want to risk it outside use a sheltered spot or keep in pot and put in cool greenhouse over winter.
Miscanthus sinensis 'Zebra'
An elegant grass with arching narrow green leaves with bands of yellow and plumes of silver flowers.
Muehlenbeckia Triloba 3lt Muehlenbeckia Triloba 3lt
A creeping shrub or twining climber with dark green leaves. Greenish white flowers in summer followed by white fruit.
Parthenocissus quinquefolia 3lt Parthenocissus quinquefolia 3lt
Chinese Virginia Creeper. A vigorous climber with dull mid-green leaves, turning a red in autumn. Max Height 15m. Partial shade. Hardy.
Passiflora caerulea Passiflora caerulea
Out of stock until spring. A vigorous climber with rich green leaves and bowl-shaped white flowers with blue tips in summer followed by orange-yellow fruit.
Pennisetium alopecuroides 'Hamelyn'
A clump-forming perennial grass with narrow dark green leaves, turning gold in autumn. Attractive greenish white flowers, grey-brown when mature in summer.
Rubus henryi babusarum Rubus henryi babusarum
An evergreen climber with spiny stems and glossy, divided, dark green leaves. Clusters of cup-shaped pink flowers in summer followed by black fruit.
Rubus taiwanicola BSWJ317 Rubus taiwanicola BSWJ317
Sold out at present, Interesting mat forming rubus with delicious stawberry like fruits
Rubus tricolor Rubus tricolor
Out of stock. A prostrate shrub with red bristly stems and heart-shaped, glossy, dark green leaves. Pretty saucer-shaped white flowers in summer, followed by red fruit.
Tetrapanax papyrifer 'Rex' 2-3lt Tetrapanax papyrifer 'Rex' 2-3lt
Magnificent lobed leaves very similar to Fatsia but bigger and with a felty feel. Rex implies a monster plant be assured it will give your garden that primeval jungly look.
Trachycarpus Fortunei 7.5lt Trachycarpus Fortunei 7.5lt
An architectural plant with beautiful segmented fan shaped leaves.
Viburnum plicatum 'Mariesii'
A bushy shrub with tiered branches. Dark green leaves turn purple-red in autumn. White flowers in late spring.