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Coronavirus update Swines Meadow Farm Nursery.

We have taken the difficult decision to close the nursery to visitors in a bid to protect customers, staff and ourselves from infection by the coronavirus. 

We are also offering a local delivery service (15 miles) with items brought to your home and no contact taking place. Deepings free, further distance nominal amount to cover fuel and time. To conserve fuel we will be doing one delivery slot at 2pm each day so orders for same day need to be in by 1pm please. 



Please browse our updated website www.swinesmeadowfarm

Payment by card can be taken over the phone or by bank transfer keeping contact to a minimum.



Abelia floribunda
Semi evergreen very floriferous shrub from Mexico.
Aralia elata 3lt
Tall prickly stems on this architectural plant topped by crowns of large bipinnate leaves with pricklse and slightly toothed edges.
Aucuba japonica salicifolia Aucuba japonica salicifolia
Dense, rounded shrub with large, elliptic, narrow evergreen leaves.
Aukuba japonica crotonifolia 5lt
Evergreen leaves with yellow spotting which is particularly useful for lighting up a dingy spot.
Berberis darwinii 5lt
Pretty evergreen shrub with flower, foliage and berry interest.
Chanomeles Mango Storm
Flowering quince with soft orange double flowers
Chanomeles Pink Storm
Flowering Japanese quince with double pink flowers.
Chanomeles Scarlet Storm Chanomeles Scarlet Storm
Flowering quince with showy red cup shaped flowers.
Chanomeles speciosa Yukigoten Chanomeles speciosa Yukigoten
Flowering quince with double white blooms.
Coriaria japonica Coriaria japonica
Arching branches with attractivley red tinged pinnate leaves
Coronilla valentina ssp glauca 'Citrina' Coronilla valentina ssp glauca 'Citrina'
A scandent evergreen shrub with bright green leaves and umbels of fragrant, pale yellow flowers in late winter and again in late summer, followed by slender pods.
Crinodendron patagua
An upright evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaves. Attractive bell-shaped, scented, fringed white flowers. Grow against a sheltered wall.
Decaisnea fargesii
A decideous shrub/tree also known as Dead mans fingers because of its unusual edible blue sausage like fruits.
Disporopsis undulata 3lt
Solomon's seal family with erect stem of alternate leaves with delicate cream bell flowers with brown tips followed by dark fruits.
Edgeworthia grandiflora 1.5lt Edgeworthia grandiflora 1.5lt
Stunning when in flower and amazing scent. Related to Daphne and flowers late winter early spring.
Elaeagnus umbellata 3lt
Wonderful shrub with dark green leaves with a silver underside. Delicate fragrant silvery yellow white flowers May June followed by red edible fruit.
Euonymus americanusa v. angustifolius - BSWJ12905 3lt
Unique deciduous member of this family hailing from USA arching branching stems with narrow willow like leaves. Small cream flowers on short stems Spring followed by pinky red seed capsules which pop open to reveal orange seeds.
Euonymus cornutus quinquecornutus 3lt
Rarely offered shrub with fantastic Autumn interest.
Euonymus europaeus Red Cascade 3lt
Good all round shrub with good Autumn interest.
Genista Porlock 3lt
Medium good flowering broom.
Grevillia Clearview David 3lt
Shrub from down under with an appearance not dissimilar to Rosemary. The likeness ends there with clusters of spider like red flowers on the stems from early Spring.
Grevillia victoriae 3lt
Unlike many other Grevilleas both in appearance and requirements. Oval green leaves with silver undersides, this one a little more tolerant of higher Ph.
Hydrangea macrophylla Pia 3lt
Dwarf mophead Hydrangea growing to approximately 45cm and producing pink mophead flowers.
Hydrangea Merville Sanguine 5lt
Translation of this is Bloody marvellous! It is one of our favourites with dark tinged foliage and the most amazing dark burgundy mop head flowers.
Hydrangea ssp angustipetala f macrosepla3lt
Small Hydrangea with narrow leaves and forming quite large lace cap type flower heads for its size
Hypericum lancasterii 3lt
Roy Lancaster collected form with good flower.
Hypericum urallum HJW520 3lt
Crug collected form of Hypericum with good interest.
Ilex cornuta 4lt deep Ilex cornuta 4lt deep
Rare Chinese holly common name box holly because of it near square shape leaf. Lovely glossy evergreen tolerant of shade through to full sun.
Ilex x meserveae 'Little Rascal' 3lt
Attractive dwarf male holly with good Winter colour.
Indigofera howelii 3lt 10
Shrub that should be grown more commonly thin branches with multi leaved petioles with smal leaves giving it a delicate look. Upright racemes of pinky pea flowers throughout the Summer.
Indigofera pendula 3lt
Long arching branching stems with small delicate pinnate leaves. Long pinky pendant racemes of flowers from mid Summer onwards.
Jasmine humile 3lt
Angular branching shrub with yellow flowers mid Summer followed by interesting seed heads.
Luma apiculata
Evergreen myrtle relative from Chile.
Magnolia stellata chrysanthemuniflora 3lt
Double pink flowers on this form.
Osmanthus delavayi
Good evergreen shrub for Late Winter, early Spring flower interest.
Pittosporum eugenoides variegata 3lt
Evergreen shrub from New Zealand with attractive long green leaves with cream wavy edges.
Pittosporum tenufolium Elizabeth 3lt
Evergreen variegated shrub of pale green foliage edged in cream.
Pittosporum tenufolium Irene Paterson 5lt
Evergreen shrub with pale green leaves flecked heavily with cream. Small dark fragrant flowers early Summer.
Pittosporum Tom Thumb
Dwarf evergreen shrub from New Zealand.
Rhodotypos scandens3lt Rhodotypos scandens3lt
Robust shrub with leaves very similar to Kerria to which it is related. Flowers in Spring are four pettaled white flowers.
Salix bockii 3lt
Striking willow with  reddish new stems which are populated by tiny green leaves.
Salix fargesii 3lt
Medium sized shrub with good ornamental value throughout the year.
Salix magnifica 3lt
Foot catkin tree. A willow with a difference.
Sarcoccoca hookeriana Winter Gem
New variety of Sweet box good for flower and Winter scent.
Sarcococca confusa 3lt
Sweet box with wonderful Winter scent and attractive berries.
Sarcococca orientalis 3lt
Larger leafed member of the sweet box family which has lovely scented cream flowers in the Winter.
Sorbaria sorbifolia 'Sem' 3lt
An upright thicket-forming shrub with pinkish red foliage in the spring and large sprays of creamy white flowers mid summer.
Sorbaria sorbifolia Sem 3lt
Deciduous shrub with pink tinged feather pinnate foliage in very early Spring.
Strobilanthes attenuata Blue Carpet 3lt
Nice prostrate sub shrub  with delicate trumpet shaped flowers of blue in late Summer/Autumn.
Strobilanthes flexicaulis BSWJ354 2lt
Interesting sub shrub with angular branching habit with toothed foliage and blueish purple trumpet like flowers late Summer.
Strobilanthes nutans 3lt
Late flowering subshrub with white trumpet flowers.
Syringa komarowii subsp. reflexa 5lt
Good foliage and flower lilac with a longer season of interest.
Tetrapanax papyrifer 'Rex' 2-3lt Tetrapanax papyrifer 'Rex' 2-3lt
Magnificent lobed leaves very similar to Fatsia but bigger and with a felty feel. Rex implies a monster plant be assured it will give your garden that primeval jungly look.
Yucca rostrata 2lt
Glaucous coloured spiky thin leaves growing from a central crown  eventually trunk forming and forming a tree like structure.  with the leaves forming a pom pom like structure to the top.