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Shade and semi shade plants - Page 2

Strobilanthes coloratus 2lt
Branching sub shrub from Himalayas. Trumpet /gramophone shape flowers of pink/purple appear late Summer and continue to flower until first frosts.
Strobilanthes walichii 2lt Strobilanthes walichii 2lt
A sub shrub which even if not knocked back by Winter we tend to hard cut in Spring to get fresh bushy growth. Clusters of purple/blue trumpet flowers in late Summer which are very attractive to nectar insects.
Thalictrum delavayi 2lt

A perennial with dainty, bright green, maidenhair-like foliage from which tall flowers stalks arise and branch outwards. The flowers are pale lilac. Best planted away from strong winds. Fully hardy. Any moist soil Sun or dappled shade.

Trachystemon orientalis 3lt
Good under storey plant with amazingly large leaves and spikes of blue borage type flowers.
Tricyrtis Long Jen Violet 2lt Tricyrtis Long Jen Violet 2lt
Tall and larger leaved Toad lily with slightly larger blue violet speckled flowers.
Trillium rivale 1lt
Three leaves sometimes speckled or silvery veined. An upwards facing white or pale pink with speckles of deeper pink or violet. Seed raised so variable colours.
Viburnum cinnamomifolium 3lt

A superb shrub for semi-shaded postitions. Bears white flowers in June in this country. Occasionally followed by black fruit. The glossy dark leathery foliage is very ornamental and it is faster and taller growing than V. davidii to which it bears a similar appearance.

Viburnum plicatum 'Mariesii' 5lt
A bushy shrub with tiered branches. Dark green leaves turn purple-red in autumn. White flowers in late spring.
Zantedeschia aethiopica Luzon Lovely BSWJ3959
Arum lily with narrow heart shaped leaves flowers with attractive creamy white flowers.
Zingiber mioga 'Crüg's Zing' BSWJ4379 3lt
A collection made by Crug Farm of this ginger which is traditionally grown for its edible flower buds and flavoursome shoots. Green/yellowish stems to 1m tall, bearing slender dark green leaves 40cm long. Lilac-pink flowers form at the base of the leaf stems in late summer.

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