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Shade and semi shade plants

Aralia cachemirica 5lt
Stout growing, clump-forming architectural perennial. With strong stems to 3m, bearing large alternate bipinnate leaves, topped in August by terminal racemes of white flowers soon followed by globose purple-black fruit.
Arisaema fargesii 2lt
Tuberous perennial with a purple stem and trifoliate leaf. Bears hooded spathes with dark purple and white stripes in spring.
Aspidistra ebianensis Flowing Fountains 2lt
Aspidistra from Wuhan with wide dark green leaves with heavy speckling of large creamy yellow spots. Our plant from Plant Delights nursery USA. 
Aspidistra elatior 2lt
Cast-iron Plant. Glossy dark green foliage, bell-shaped flowers at the base of the plant used as a houseplant but also useful in the garden in a shady spot. Tolerant of dry shade.
Athyrium niponicum Metallicum 1lt
Beautiful Japanese painted fern. Silver foliage with with dark veining running down the midrib.
Athyrium nipponicum "Applecourt" 1lt Athyrium nipponicum "Applecourt" 1lt
Crested Japanese painted fern. Selection that has pruple silver and green tones in the fronds whichalso have the bonus of cresting at the ends and up the sides.
Athyrium otophorum var Okanum 1lt Athyrium otophorum var Okanum 1lt
Handsome broad arching fronds are silvered with red-flushed frond midribs.
Begonia grandis Bells and Whistles 9cm Begonia grandis Bells and Whistles 9cm
A new member of this family of hardy Begonias of which we only have a few plants to offer this year. Red undersides as typical but with attractive spotting on the upper side of the leaves.
Begonia grandis Heron's pirouette 9cm
Newly introduced form of this hardy shade loving Begonia collected by Dan Hinkley. Differing in having plain green leaves on red stems. Good sized flower cluster late Summer of rich pink flowers.
Begonia grandis ssp evansiana 'alba' 9cm Begonia grandis ssp evansiana 'alba' 9cm
Tuberous begonia with one-sided red veined leaves, red beneath, Sprays of erect pinkish white flowers. Hardy.
Begonia grandis ssp. evansiana Snowpop 9cm
Tuberous begonia with red veined leaves and Sprays of erect white flowers. Hardy
Begonia sutherlandii 9cm Begonia sutherlandii 9cm
Shade begonia with orange flowers in Summer.
Bergenia ciliata Wilton 2lt
Elephant's Ears. Clump-forming herbaceous perennial with broad mid-green hairy large leaves. Flowers pale pink fading to white.
Campanula garganica 'Mrs Resholt' 9cm Campanula garganica 'Mrs Resholt' 9cm
Spreading perennial with heart-shaped, toothed, mid-green leaves. Attractive star-shaped, blue to lilac flowers.
Crinodendron patagua
An upright evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaves. Attractive bell-shaped, scented, fringed white flowers. Grow against a sheltered wall.
Decaisnea fargesii 3lt
A decideous shrub/tree also known as Dead mans fingers because of its unusual edible blue sausage like fruits.
Disporopsis pernyi
A perennial with glossy dark green leaves and lemon-scented white flowers with reflexed green tips, on slightly arching leafy stems.
Disporum longistylum Disporum longistylum
Evergreen in mild winter a member of the Solomon seal family growing up to 1m in height.
Dryopteris affinis "Pinderi" 1lt Dryopteris affinis "Pinderi" 1lt
Evergreen fern with narrow arching fronds emerging from a central crown.
Dryopteris affinis 'Cristata the King' 1lt Dryopteris affinis 'Cristata the King' 1lt
A must for the fern garden even though quite common. Evergreen. Has size is hardy and good form.
Dryopteris atrata 1lt Dryopteris atrata 1lt
Shaggy shield fern. Evergreen Asian fern. Long dark green fronds with attractive black scales on the stems. Hardy
Dryopteris austriaca 'Lepidota Crispa Cristata' 1lt Dryopteris austriaca 'Lepidota Crispa Cristata' 1lt
Upright triangular fronds contorted and finely cut. Semi evergreen.
Dryopteris erythrosora prolifica 1lt Dryopteris erythrosora prolifica 1lt
Evergreen fern with red fronds in Spring turning yellowish with maturity.
Dryopteris felix mas linearis polydactyla 1lt Dryopteris felix mas linearis polydactyla 1lt
Interesting male fern with finely cut foliage. Decidious
Dryopteris lepidopoda 1lt Dryopteris lepidopoda 1lt
A fern from the Himalayas. Emerging fronds are a lovely orange to pink colour. Evergreen.
Dryopteris sieboldii 1lt Dryopteris sieboldii 1lt
Attractive lobed leathery leafed fern which is good for giving a contrast of foliage in a fernery. Evergreen.
Helwingia chinensis Helwingia chinensis
An unusual shrub with an iridesent sheen on and underlying green. Flowers and fruit appear in the middle of the leaf. Best grown in a sheltered spot in semi shade.
Helwingia narrow leaf form Helwingia narrow leaf form
Unusual evergreen plant from himalayas differing from normal chinensis by having narrow matt leaves but still having the unusual habit of having flowers followed by berries in the middle of the leaf.
Hydrangea arborescens 'Annabelle' 3lt
A rounded shrub with dark green leaves and large round clusters of cream flowers in summer.
Hydrangea mac Zorro 3lt Hydrangea mac Zorro 3lt
Large Macrophylla type with black stems and pink or blue bracts and flower dependant on PH
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Nigra' 3lt
A rounded shrub with glossy, dark green leaves on black stems and large mophead flowers of rose-pink, occasionally blue from mid to late summer.
Hydrangea macrophylla Zebra 3lt
A rounded shrub with glossy, dark green leaves on black stems and large mophead flowers of white, from mid to late summer.
Hydrangea paniculata 'Big Dicks White' 3lt Hydrangea paniculata 'Big Dicks White' 3lt
A really nice form of paniculata with large flowers. Selected by a Lincolnshire grower called Richard hence suggestive name!
Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight' 3lt
Attractive spherical panicles of green tinged cream flowers which last well into the autumn.
Hydrangea paniculata Skyfall 'Frenne' 3lt
Attractive spherical panicles of lime green flowers changing to white then pink which will last well into the autumn. A smaller and tighter plant than Hydrangea Line light.
Lysimachia pardiformis var stenophylla 3lt
Roy Lancasters form. Stems of attractive whorled foliage on this relative newcomer to us. Topped by a cluster of yellow flowers. Good in the shade garden. Not invasive like other loosestrifes.
Maianthemum bifolium 2lt
A favourite member of the Solomon's seal family with us. Small heart shaped glossy foliage emerging Early Spring with spikes of slightly fragrant cream flowers emerging later from the base of the leaves.
Melica uniflora f. albida 2lt
A very graceful grass with arching stems of striking white flowerheads. Will do dry shade once established.
Miscanthus transmorrisonensis 3lt Miscanthus transmorrisonensis 3lt
Semi evergreen member of this diverse family of late summer flowering grasses. Foliage of 180cm with flowerheads reaching just over 200cm.
Ophiopogon 'Little Tabby' 1lt Ophiopogon 'Little Tabby' 1lt
Uncommonly seen member of mundo grass. Slow to bulk up hence rarity and price.
Osmunda regalis 'purparescens'  1lt Osmunda regalis 'purparescens' 1lt
A deciduous fern forming dense clumps of red-flushed fronds in spring becoming bright green.
Persicaria microcephala 'Red Dragon' Persicaria microcephala 'Red Dragon'
Gown for its dramatic foliage that changes colour with the seasons. Starts with velvety, burgundy-plum, long heart-shaped leaves set off by a silvery, metallic, chevron-shaped marking, which gradually turns red as the foliage becomes greener. It is fairly vigorous, though not invasive. Hardy.
Phaenosperma globosa 2lt Phaenosperma globosa 2lt
Invaluable evergreen grass with glossy strappy leaves forming a nice rosette  to 35cm in height.
Polygonatum Cally sp 245
Up to 3 broad leaves in whorls up the stem. Pendant cream flowers in the axils which are reliably followed by translucent red/orange berries, like red mistletoe.
Polygonatum Cyrtonema 2lt
A very elegant form of this garden perennial with yellowish green flowers May-June. Very rarely offered.
Polygonatum odoratum Flatmate BSWJ857 2lt
Unusual form of this large family with stems up to 1M and large cream flowers hanging under the arching stems which in this form are very flattened.
Polygonatum verticillatum 3lt
A perennial with erect stems of narrow, bright green leaves. Tubular greenish white flowers followed by red fruit.
Polygonatum x hybridum 'Striatum'
A perennial with arching stems of bright green leaves, striped creamy white. Tubular green tipped creamy white flowers followed by blue-black fruit.
Polypodium vulgare 'Bifido Multifidum' 1lt Polypodium vulgare 'Bifido Multifidum' 1lt
A sport of the common polypody fern which has crested ends on the fronds
Polystichum polyblepharum 1lt Polystichum polyblepharum 1lt
Japanese tassle fern. Glossy evergreen fern with the potential to grow quite large if conditions are favourable.
Polystichum setiferum 1lt
A large attractive fern with lace like green fronds.semi evergreen.
Reineckea yunnanensis 2lt
An evergreen perennial with arching grey green leaves and fragrant deep pink flowers in late summer, rarely followed by red berries.
Roscoea 'Beesiana' 2lt
A tuberous perennial with dark green leaves and large mottled cream orchid-like flowers in late summer or autumn.
Roscoea cautleyoides Gold 2lt
A tuberous perennial with dark green leaves and yellow orchid-like flowers in mid-summer.
Sarcococca taiwaniana RWJ9999 2lt
A compact suckering shrub with narrow, glossy dark green leaves on purple stems collected by Crug farm in Taiwan. Clusters of fragrant white flowers in winter followed by blue-black fruit.
Strobilanthes coloratus 2lt
Branching sub shrub from Himalayas. Trumpet /gramophone shape flowers of pink/purple appear late Summer and continue to flower until first frosts.
Trachycarpus Fortunei 2lt Trachycarpus Fortunei 2lt
An architectural plant with beautiful segmented fan shaped leaves.
Trachystemon orientalis 3lt
Good under storey plant with amazingly large leaves and spikes of blue borage type flowers.
Tricyrtis Long Jen Violet 2lt Tricyrtis Long Jen Violet 2lt
Tall and larger leaved Toad lily with slightly larger blue violet speckled flowers.
Trillium rivale 1lt
Three leaves sometimes speckled or silvery veined. An upwards facing white or pale pink with speckles of deeper pink or violet. Seed raised so variable colours.

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