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Shade and semi shade plants

Actaea racemosa 3lt
A North American woodland native with textured leaves emerging from a short creeping rhizome. Tall flower stems up to 1.2M with long white bottlebrush flowers in July-Aug.
Aspidistra ebianensis Flowing Fountains 2lt
Aspidistra from Wuhan with wide dark green leaves with heavy speckling of large creamy yellow spots. Our plant from Plant Delights nursery USA. 
Aspidistra elatior 2lt
Cast-iron Plant. Glossy dark green foliage, bell-shaped flowers at the base of the plant used as a houseplant but also useful in the garden in a shady spot. Tolerant of dry shade.
Athyrium niponicum Metallicum 1lt
Beautiful Japanese painted fern. Silver foliage with with dark veining running down the midrib.
Athyrium nipponicum var pictum Silver Falls 1lt Athyrium nipponicum var pictum Silver Falls 1lt
Another silver coloured painted fern with subtle markings in the fronds. Deciduous.
Begonia grandis ssp evansiana 'Claret Jug' 9cm Begonia grandis ssp evansiana 'Claret Jug' 9cm
Tuberous begonia with one-sided red veined leaves, red beneath, Sprays of pendent fragrant pink flowers. Hardy.
Blechnum brasiliense Volcano 1lt Blechnum brasiliense Volcano 1lt
An amazing Blechnum with long fronds in a shuttlecock form.
Campanula garganica 'Mrs Resholt' 9cm Campanula garganica 'Mrs Resholt' 9cm
Spreading perennial with heart-shaped, toothed, mid-green leaves. Attractive star-shaped, blue to lilac flowers.
Coronilla valentina ssp glauca 'Citrina' 3lt Coronilla valentina ssp glauca 'Citrina' 3lt
A scandent evergreen shrub with bright green leaves and umbels of fragrant, pale yellow flowers in late winter and again in late summer, followed by slender pods.
Crinodendron patagua 5lt
An upright evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaves. Attractive bell-shaped, scented, fringed white flowers. Grow against a sheltered wall.
Decaisnea fargesii 3lt
A decideous shrub/tree also known as Dead mans fingers because of its unusual edible blue sausage like fruits.
Disporopsis pernyi
A perennial with glossy dark green leaves and lemon-scented white flowers with reflexed green tips, on slightly arching leafy stems.
Disporum longistylum Disporum longistylum
Evergreen in mild winter a member of the Solomon seal family growing up to 1m in height.
Dryopteris affinis 'Polydactyla Dadds' 3lt Dryopteris affinis 'Polydactyla Dadds' 3lt
Crested golden scaled male fern is common name for this fern which is evergreen most winters.
Dryopteris atrata 1lt Dryopteris atrata 1lt
Shaggy shield fern. Evergreen Asian fern. Long dark green fronds with attractive black scales on the stems. Hardy
Dryopteris erythrosora prolifica 1lt Dryopteris erythrosora prolifica 1lt
Evergreen fern with red fronds in Spring turning yellowish with maturity.
Dryopteris sieboldii 1lt Dryopteris sieboldii 1lt
Attractive lobed leathery leafed fern which is good for giving a contrast of foliage in a fernery. Evergreen.
Eomecon chionantha 3lt
Snow Poppy. A spreading perennial with pretty heart-shaped grey-green leaves. Loose panicles of poppy-like white flowers. Max Height 40cm. Flowers April to July. Partial shade. Hardy.
Fuchsia procumbens variegata 1lt
A rare fuchsia from New Zealand with a prostrate growing habit. Small heart-shaped, variegated leaves and cream tubular flowers. 
Helwingia chinensis Helwingia chinensis
An unusual shrub with an iridesent sheen on and underlying green. Flowers and fruit appear in the middle of the leaf. Best grown in a sheltered spot in semi shade.
Helwingia narrow leaf form Helwingia narrow leaf form
Unusual evergreen plant from himalayas differing from normal chinensis by having narrow matt leaves but still having the unusual habit of having flowers followed by berries in the middle of the leaf.
Holboellia coriacea 3lt
Twinning evergreen climber with attractive fragrant flowers in spring which can be followed by sausage like fruits in a good growing season.
Hosta minor BSWJ1209 9cm
Small creeping perennial with mid to dark green veined leaves. Mauve flowers in summer. Max Height 10cm. Max Spread 1m. Flowers June to July. Partial shade. Slow growing and avoid being over wet in Winter
Hydrangea arborescens 'Ryan Gainey' 3lt
Superior form to Annabelle. White snowball shaped flowers which cover the entire plant. Flowers from late May and continues for many months. Blooms on current year's growth allowing it to bloom year after year (even after severe pruning or 
Hydrangea mac Zorro 3lt Hydrangea mac Zorro 3lt
Large Macrophylla type with black stems and pink or blue bracts and flower dependant on PH
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Nigra' 3lt
A rounded shrub with glossy, dark green leaves on black stems and large mophead flowers of rose-pink, occasionally blue from mid to late summer.
Hydrangea paniculata 'Phantom' 3lt
Attractive spherical panicles of large creamy white flowers which develop pink tinges in autumn which last well into the autumn.
Impatiens puberula HWJK2063 1lt
Low growing suckering Impatiens with stunning blue helmet shaped flowers with contrasting white spurs. These appear late summer into Autumn.Prefers cool humusy shade.
Impatiens tinctora 3lt
A stunning large member of the Impatiens family forming up to 4-5 foot stems. Bears large white spurred flowers with a burgundy throat. 
Maianthemum bifolium 2lt
A favourite member of the Solomon's seal family with us. Small heart shaped glossy foliage emerging Early Spring with spikes of slightly fragrant cream flowers emerging later from the base of the leaves.
Matteuccia struthiopteris 1lt Matteuccia struthiopteris 1lt
A beautiful fern with bright pale green fronds which unfurl in spring to form tight 'shuttlecocks'.
Matteucia orientalis 1lt Matteucia orientalis 1lt
Asian version of the shuttlecock/ostrich fern. More open habit and fronds up to 45cm long. Evergreen in milder winters.
Miscanthus transmorrisonensis 3lt Miscanthus transmorrisonensis 3lt
Semi evergreen member of this diverse family of late summer flowering grasses. Foliage of 180cm with flowerheads reaching just over 200cm.
Peucedanum ostruthium 'Daphnis' 2lt Peucedanum ostruthium 'Daphnis' 2lt
Colourful shade tolerant perennial from France. It is not a variegated ground elder! Therefore not invasive but a steady clump former.
Polygonatum Cally sp 245
Up to 3 broad leaves in whorls up the stem. Pendant cream flowers in the axils which are reliably followed by translucent red/orange berries, like red mistletoe.
Polygonatum Cyrtonema 2lt
A very elegant form of this garden perennial with yellowish green flowers May-June. Very rarely offered.
Polygonatum odoratum Flatmate BSWJ857 2lt
Unusual form of this large family with stems up to 1M and large cream flowers hanging under the arching stems which in this form are very flattened.
Polygonatum verticillatum 3lt
A perennial with erect stems of narrow, bright green leaves. Tubular greenish white flowers followed by red fruit.
Polygonatum x hybridum 'Striatum' 2lt
A perennial with arching stems of bright green leaves, striped creamy white. Tubular green tipped creamy white flowers followed by blue-black fruit.
Polystichum Braunii 1lt Polystichum Braunii 1lt
A sturdy fern with all-year-round interest. Evergreen shinyfronds are lightly covered with hair. Height up to 30 inches
Rodgersia Cally Hybrids 3lt
A clump-forming perennial with bold, dark green leaves. A hydrid produced at Cally Gardens. Flower colour unknown but could be a mixture of white, pink or red starry flowers on upright stems.
Rodgersia podophylla BSWJ10818 3lt
Forms a huge clump with potential to reach a meter across especially if grown in a nice moist area. Will do Sun, shade or partial shade. Leaves are red on emergence turning green and finally yellow in Autumn. Panicles of cream flower in summer.
Roscoea 'Beesiana' 2lt
A tuberous perennial with dark green leaves and large mottled cream orchid-like flowers in late summer or autumn.
Roscoea cangshanensis BWJ7848 1lt
A tuberous perennial collected from Yunnan by Crug Farm. Dark green leaves and violet-pink, white striped orchid-like flowers in late summer or autumn. Max Height 30cm. Max Spread 15cm. Flowers August to September. Partial shade. Hardy.
Roscoea cautleyoides Gold 2lt
A tuberous perennial with dark green leaves and yellow orchid-like flowers in mid-summer.
Roscoea purpurea f. rubra Gurkha redstem 2lt
A tuberous perennial with deep green leaves and red orchid-like flowers in early and mid-sunmer. Max Height 40cm. Max Spread 15cm. Flowers June to July. Partial shade. Hardy. This form from division to keep the red/brown stem, Our plant from Crug.
Ruscus aculeatus 2lt
Butchers Broom. A native subshrub with upright stems of spiny tipped dark green leaves. Small greenish white flowers formed on the leaves which are followed by showy red berries from late summer to winter.
Sarcococca ruscifolia var. chinensis 'Dragon Gate’ 3lt
Evergreen, dense shrub that grows to 1.5m in time. Dark green narrow leaves and has small white and pink flowers in the leaf axils. Borne in midwinter the flowers emit a beautiful rich fragrance. They are followed by red berries.
found by Roy Lancaster. Will grow in moderate soil, best in semi-shade. Also good in containers. Hardy.
Sarcococca taiwaniana RWJ9999 2lt
A compact suckering shrub with narrow, glossy dark green leaves on purple stems collected by Crug farm in Taiwan. Clusters of fragrant white flowers in winter followed by blue-black fruit.
Strobilanthes attenuata white and blue 3lt
A branching semi-shrub with hairy leaves. Semi shaded site and humusy soil that retains moisture in Summer. Late Summer tubular trumpet shaped flowers of white with blue/purple ends emerge and continue until first frosts.
Strobilanthes coloratus 2lt
Branching sub shrub from Himalayas. Trumpet /gramophone shape flowers of pink/purple appear late Summer and continue to flower until first frosts.
Strobilanthes walichii 2lt Strobilanthes walichii 2lt
A sub shrub which even if not knocked back by Winter we tend to hard cut in Spring to get fresh bushy growth. Clusters of purple/blue trumpet flowers in late Summer which are very attractive to nectar insects.
Thalictrum delavayi 2lt

A perennial with dainty, bright green, maidenhair-like foliage from which tall flowers stalks arise and branch outwards. The flowers are pale lilac. Best planted away from strong winds. Fully hardy. Any moist soil Sun or dappled shade.

Trachystemon orientalis 3lt
Good under storey plant with amazingly large leaves and spikes of blue borage type flowers.
Tricyrtis Long Jen Violet 2lt Tricyrtis Long Jen Violet 2lt
Tall and larger leaved Toad lily with slightly larger blue violet speckled flowers.
Trillium rivale 1lt
Three leaves sometimes speckled or silvery veined. An upwards facing white or pale pink with speckles of deeper pink or violet. Seed raised so variable colours.
Zantedeschia aethiopica Luzon Lovely BSWJ3959
Arum lily with narrow heart shaped leaves flowers with attractive creamy white flowers.
Zingiber mioga 'Crüg's Zing' BSWJ4379 3lt
A collection made by Crug Farm of this ginger which is traditionally grown for its edible flower buds and flavoursome shoots. Green/yellowish stems to 1m tall, bearing slender dark green leaves 40cm long. Lilac-pink flowers form at the base of the leaf stems in late summer.