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Evergreen perennials
Grasses, sedges and bamboo.
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Jams, Chutneys, Vinegars, Syrups, Cordials and Honey
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Semi hardy

Begonia chungii x DJHT99168 2lt Begonia chungii x DJHT99168 2lt
A hybrid between B palmata and B longifolia collected by Dan Hinkley in Taiwan. Glossy arrow lobed leaves with pinkish stems. Pale flowers suffused with pink mid Summer onwards.
Begonia emeiensis 3lt
Large leafed Begonia forming a large rhizome corm at the base with stems arising up to 40cm with large hairy green leaves.
Begonia ex Siam 2lt Begonia ex Siam 2lt
Lovely silver patterned Begonia collected by Michael Wickenden and given to us by Kevin Hughes at Cally.
Coronilla valentina ssp glauca 'Citrina' Coronilla valentina ssp glauca 'Citrina'
A scandent evergreen shrub with bright green leaves and umbels of fragrant, pale yellow flowers in late winter and again in late summer, followed by slender pods.
Sinningia tubiflora 2lt Sinningia tubiflora 2lt
Attractive downy felted leaves on this tuberous perennial which produces long tuberous white trumpet shaped flowers on tall stems.
Strobilanthes lactea 2lt Strobilanthes lactea 2lt
Dark green foliage plant with silver markings.Untried for hardiness so suggest kept frost free for Winter.
Woodwardia orientalis v. formosana - BSWJ6865 3lt Woodwardia orientalis v. formosana - BSWJ6865 3lt
Large evergreen fern which is of borderline hardiness.