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Coronavirus update Swines Meadow Farm Nursery.

We have taken the difficult decision to close the nursery to visitors in a bid to protect customers, staff and ourselves from infection by the coronavirus. 

We are also offering a local delivery service (15 miles) with items brought to your home and no contact taking place. Deepings free, further distance nominal amount to cover fuel and time. To conserve fuel we will be doing one delivery slot at 2pm each day so orders for same day need to be in by 1pm please. 



Please browse our updated website www.swinesmeadowfarm

Payment by card can be taken over the phone or by bank transfer keeping contact to a minimum.


Semi evergreen perennials

Agapanthus Tinkerbell 2lt
New dwarf Agapanthus with yellow green variegation on thin leaves to 15cm in length.
Asarum epigymum Takasago Saishin 2lt Asarum epigymum Takasago Saishin 2lt
Amazing patterning on the foliage of this member of the ground covering gingers. Wonderful web patterning on dark green heart  shaped leaves with a leathery texture.
Cirsium rivulare 'Atropurpureum' Cirsium rivulare 'Atropurpureum'
Good thistle like plany which is tollerant of a wide range of conditions. This little beauty will flower from early summer through to Winter.
Dianthus Scent first Passion 2lt
Red good scented Dianthus
Disporum longistylum BWJ 8128 3lt
Impressive Solomon's seal of semi evergreen habit attaining 1.5m when mature.
Disporum longistylum Night Heron 3lt Disporum longistylum Night Heron 3lt
A selection of this very choice Solomon's seal by Dan Hinckley the American Plant collector.
Disporum megalanthum 2lt
Similar to D logistylum in habit but possibly shorter. Alternate dark green leaves on strong arching stems from which at their ends a cluster of creamy green flowers are produced in Spring.
Disporum sessile variegatum 2lt
Good variegation on this Solomon's seal which does tend to be herbaceous most of the time.
Disporum trabeculatum 3lt
Another tall semi evergreen Solomon's seal up to 1m with arching branching stems with alternate leafing of mid greeen leaves.
Doodia media 1lt Doodia media 1lt
A rarely offered evergreen fern from New Zealand. Hardy to -5C.
Epimedium Black Sea 2lt
Rounded green leaves which can go and attractive red in Winter. Flowers are held well above in the Spring with intense yellow inners with paler outers.
Epimedium davidii Goldglanz 2lt Epimedium davidii Goldglanz 2lt
Another uncommon new introduction. This has the mst eye catching vibrant yellow flower on it with short spurs.
Epimedium pauciflorum x platypetalum 2lt
Dwarf Epimedium with small delicate vibrant yellow flowers in Spring. Shade semi shade.
Epimedium Pink Elf 2lt
Arrow shaped foliage on this delightful Epimedium which has lovely pink Bishops mitre flowers in the Spring.
Epimedium sasaki 2lt Epimedium sasaki 2lt
Light green heart shaped foliage on wiry stems. April to May taller flower stems emerge over the top of the foliage with clusters of pretty ping nodding flowers
Epimedium Sphinx Twinkler 2lt
Narrow holly like leaves on this Epimedium.  Long flower spikes emerging in Spring with vibrant yellow typical bishops mitre flower with wonderful spurs.
Epimedium x perralchicum 'Nachfolger' 2lt
Heart shaped veined leaves on this floriferous Epimedium. Flowers in Spring with vibrant yellow flowers without the pronounced spurs that is common on Epimediums
Iris confusa Iris confusa
Tall iris with small delicate white flowers with light blue and yellow markings.
Mathiasella bupleuroides 'Green Dream' 2lt
Fabulous plant for the cutting garden.
Microlepia strigosa "Macfaddenae" 3lt Microlepia strigosa "Macfaddenae" 3lt
Very similar in appearance to tatting fern with long narrow crested fronds. Deciduous and grows to approximately 30cm.
Microlepia strigosa 3lt Microlepia strigosa 3lt
Lace fern which lives up to its common name with finely divided deciduous mid green fronds. Grows up to 30cm.
Morina longifolia 2lt
To all intents and purposes looks like a thistle foliage wise. The flowers spike is amazing up to 35cm tall with delicate whorls of white/cream tubular lipped flowers running up it.
Papaver Pattys Plum 2lt
Perennial Oriental Poppy with ruffled plum/mauve flowers early Summer.
Rubus taiwanicola BSWJ317 Rubus taiwanicola BSWJ317
Sold out at present, Interesting mat forming rubus with delicious stawberry like fruits
Salvia jamesis nachtlinder 2lt
Shrubby suckering salvia with good hardiness for us and a good long season of interest with deep purple flowers.