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Evergreen perennials
Grasses, sedges and bamboo.
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Semi evergreen perennials

Agapanthus Black Magic 2lt Agapanthus Black Magic 2lt
Very choice Agapanthus with globe like flower heads with stunning blue black flowers with a drooping habit.
Agapanthus Tinkerbell 2lt Agapanthus Tinkerbell 2lt
New dwarf Agapanthus with yellow green variegation on thin leaves to 15cm in length.
Arthropodium cirratum 2lt Arthropodium cirratum 2lt
A New Zealand perennial with glacous lance shaped leaves. Loose sprays of white starry flowers appear in Summer
Dianthus Scent First Candy Floss 2lt
Double soft pink good scented Dianthus
Dianthus Scent First Coral Reef 2lt
Coral with white edged flowers, Good scented Dianthus
Dianthus Scent first Passion 2lt
Red good scented Dianthus
Dieties bicolor 3lt Dieties bicolor 3lt
South African perennial with long grass like foliage. Tall stout flowering stems which have several flowering head from which tri petalled cream flowers appear with a dark spot at the base.
Disporopsis undulata 3lt Disporopsis undulata 3lt
Solomon's seal family with erect stem of alternate leaves with delicate cream bell flowers with brown tips followed by dark fruits.
Disporum bodineri 2lt
Impressive Solomon's seal of semi evergreen habit attaining 1.5m when mature.
Disporum cantoniensis Green Giant 3lt
Strong rhizome system producing arching stems with alternate leafing in Spring.
Disporum megalanthum 2lt
Similar to D logistylum in habit but possibly shorter. Alternate dark green leaves on strong arching stems from which at their ends a cluster of creamy green flowers are produced in Spring.
Disporum trabeculatum 3lt Disporum trabeculatum 3lt
Impressive Disporum which we have found grows taller than D longistylum.
Doodia media 1lt Doodia media 1lt
A rarely offered evergreen fern from New Zealand. Hardy to -5C.
Dryopteris felix mas 1lt
Common name is male fern.Semi evergreen with mid green triangular fronds.
Dryopteris felix mas Barnesi 2lt
Common name is forked male fern.Semi evergreen with narrow fronds.
Epimedium Pink Elf 2lt
Arrow shaped foliage on this delightful Epimedium which has lovely pink Bishops mitre flowers in the Spring.
Epimedium sasaki 2lt Epimedium sasaki 2lt
Light green heart shaped foliage on wiry stems. April to May taller flower stems emerge over the top of the foliage with clusters of pretty ping nodding flowers
Epimedium x perralchicum 'Nachfolger' 2lt
Heart shaped veined leaves on this floriferous Epimedium. Flowers in Spring with vibrant yellow flowers without the pronounced spurs that is common on Epimediums
Microlepia strigosa "Macfaddenae" 3lt Microlepia strigosa "Macfaddenae" 3lt
Very similar in appearance to tatting fern with long narrow crested fronds. Deciduous and grows to approximately 30cm.
Morina longifolia 2lt
To all intents and purposes looks like a thistle foliage wise. The flowers spike is amazing up to 35cm tall with delicate whorls of white/cream tubular lipped flowers running up it.
Mukgenia terra Nova Flame 2lt
A perennial resulting from across between Berginia and Mukdenia giving us a plant with pink flower spikes from Berginia and the attractive fan shaped leave with good Autumn colour from the Mukdenia.
Polystichum Braunii 1lt Polystichum Braunii 1lt
A sturdy fern with all-year-round interest. Evergreen shinyfronds are lightly covered with hair. Height up to 30 inches
Pratia angolata Treadwellii 2lt Pratia angolata Treadwellii 2lt
Evergreen ground covering creeping plant from New Zealand with tiny almost succulent leaves with pretty white starry flowers in Summer followed by berries in Autumn.
Pratia pedunculata County Park 1lt Pratia pedunculata County Park 1lt
Evergreen ground covering creeping plant from New Zealand with tiny almost succulent leaves with pretty blue starry flowers in Summer followed by berries in Autumn.
Salvia involucata Bethelii 2lt
A subshrub with velvety hairy rich green leaves.Spikes of bright purple crimson flowers from Summer to mid Autumn up to 2m high.
Salvia jamesis nachtlinder 2lt
Shrubby suckering salvia with good hardiness for us and a good long season of interest with deep purple flowers.
Teucrium ackermannii 1lt Teucrium ackermannii 1lt
Mainly evergreen but possibly herbaceous in harder Winter. Spreading grey green slightly felted foliage suitable for alpine conditions and sunny spots. Scented purple lavender flowers from late Spring through Summer