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Semi evergreen perennials

Chrysosplenium macrophyllum Chrysosplenium macrophyllum
An evergreen ground-hugging Perennial with leaves not disimilar to Bergenia. leaves are green to brownish but the umbrel shaped flowers of pink and white in late winter give a nice wow factor.
Doodia media 3lt Doodia media 3lt
A rarely offered evergreen fern from New Zealand. Hardy to -5C.
Dryopteris affinis "Pinderi" 3lt Dryopteris affinis "Pinderi" 3lt
Evergreen fern with narrow arching fronds emerging from a central crown.
Dryopteris affinis 'Polydactyla Dadds' 3lt Dryopteris affinis 'Polydactyla Dadds' 3lt
Crested golden scaled male fern is common name for this fern which is evergreen most winters.
Dryopteris felix mas "Furcans" 3lt Dryopteris felix mas "Furcans" 3lt
Common name is forked male fern.Semi evergreen with mid green triangular fronds.
Dryopteris sieboldii 3lt Dryopteris sieboldii 3lt
Attractive lobed leathery leafed fern which is good for giving a contrast of foliage in a fernery. Evergreen.
Iris confusa Iris confusa
Tall iris with small delicate white flowers with light blue and yellow markings.
Melianthus major Melianthus major
)An architectural plant with deeply cut, glaucous blue-grey foliage and brownish crimson to deep brick red flowers. May die down in most winters but shoots again.
Microlepia strigosa "Macfaddenae" 3lt Microlepia strigosa "Macfaddenae" 3lt
Very similar in appearance to tatting fern with long narrow crested fronds. Deciduous and grows to approximately 30cm.
Microlepia strigosa 3lt Microlepia strigosa 3lt
Lace fern which lives up to its common name with finely divided deciduous mid green fronds. Grows up to 30cm.
Muehlenbeckia Triloba 3lt Muehlenbeckia Triloba 3lt
A creeping shrub or twining climber with dark green leaves. Greenish white flowers in summer followed by white fruit.
Polystichum Braunii 3lt Polystichum Braunii 3lt
A sturdy fern with all-year-round interest. Evergreen shinyfronds are lightly covered with hair. Height up to 30 inches
Rubus taiwanicola BSWJ317 Rubus taiwanicola BSWJ317
Sold out at present, Interesting mat forming rubus with delicious stawberry like fruits