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Evergreen perennials
Grasses, sedges and bamboo.
Herbaceous perennials
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Shade and semi shade plants
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Items only suitable for local delivery or collection.

Clover John Innes No3 compost 25lt
A good quality compost for more mature plants or shrubs that require a compost with more body.
CloverCompost Ericaceous compost 40lt
Compost suitable for acid loving plants such as Camellia or Rhododendrons.
Cornus kousa var chinensis 7.5lt
One of our favourite of the flowering dogwoods because of its ability to reliably flower and fruit. Mid Spring Early Summer attractive white bracted flowers which blush slightly pink as they age.
Cryptomeria japonica Cristata 12lt
Quick growing conifer with feathery tactile foliage which in this cultivar ends up in cristate clusters on the branch ends in formation similar to a cocks comb leading to an unusual appearance.
Magnolia denudata Festirose lg 5lt
Large pink tulip shaped flowers on this cultivar which flowers from April hopefully avoiding later frost which can spoil the look of many earlier flowering Magnolias.
Mahonia Winter Sun 4.5lt
One of the best general Mahonias for UK garden with stems bearing radial branches of evergreen holly like foliage. The tips bearing racemes of scented Yellow flowers in late Autumn to Winter followed by attractive purple berries which persist into the following Winter.
Melcourt Horticultural potting grit. 20kg Melcourt Horticultural potting grit. 20kg
Good quality potting grit.
Melcourt Sylvagrow peat free compost 50lt Melcourt Sylvagrow peat free compost 50lt
Good quality peat free compost without any green waste added to it. RHS endorsed.
Viburnum plicatum 'Mariesii' Great Star 5lt
A bushy shrub with tiered branches. Dark green leaves turn purple-red in autumn. White flowers in late spring.
Viburnum plicatum Shasta 3lt
Lace cap Viburnum with a wedding cake layering habit which when the cream flowers are in full bloom creates an very eye catching effect.