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Hosta Abiqua Moonbeam 2lt
Green leaves with a yellow edge, sport of 'August Moon', rapid grower. A large Hosta with pale lavender flowers.
Hosta Ann Kulpa 1lt
White-cream centred leaveswith green edge. New introduction and one of the best white centred hostas. Medium sized 40-45cm. Medium growth habit.
Hosta August Moon 3lt Hosta August Moon 3lt
Medium sized Hosta with pale green leaves that turn yellow in good light. Faily quick to bulk up. Semi shade to sun.
Hosta Baby Booties 2lt Hosta Baby Booties 2lt
Small Hosta with ruffled mid green leaves with streaked cream edges.
Hosta Bedford Rise and Shine 2lt Hosta Bedford Rise and Shine 2lt
Small to medium sized Hosta with shiny dark green leaves with a good yellow margin.
Hosta Ben Vernooij 2lt
Thick blue green leaves with a wide yellow margin making it a Hosta that stands out. Medium Hosta. 
Hosta Big Beauty 2lt
Large Hosta with blue green leaves with a yellow margin that depending on amount of light will turn white. A new introduction in 2018.
Hosta Blue River 3lt
Heart shaped blue green leaves with greenish yellow edge, a sport of True Blue. Medium large Hosta 60-65cm.
Hosta Blushing Blue 2lt
Blue-green leaves where the red-purple of the petioles goes through the veins all the way till the tips of the leaves. This unique collar is supposed to hold almost all season. Medium Hosta.
Hosta Bob Olsen 2lt
Heart-shaped green leaves with a ruffled yellow margin that turns white, 'Yellow Splash' hybrid. Small Hosta 20 to 25 cm.
Hosta Bold and Brassy 2lt
Round, cupped and puckered yellow leaves, slow grower, one of the best golden sieboldiana types.60-70cm Ht. Pale lavender flowers.
Hosta Cheatin Heart 2lt
Heart-shaped golden leaves with a wavy margin, the color intensifies in some sun. Small Hosta 20 to 25 cm.
Hosta Cherry Tart 2lt
Chartreuse changing to bright yellow leaves with deep red petioles, color stays in some sun. Small-medium Hosta 20 to 25 cm. 
Hosta Dilithium Crystal 2lt Hosta Dilithium Crystal 2lt
One for the Trekies. Small Hosta with wavy blue green leaves. Shade to semi shade.
Hosta Electrocution 2lt
Small medium Hosta with narrow twisted green leaves with a thin yellow margin that turns white. Lavender flowers.
Hosta Emeralds and Rubies 2lt Hosta Emeralds and Rubies 2lt
mall Hosta with narrow green leaves with red petioles and scapes.
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Hosta Empress Wu 2/3lt
Reputedly one of the biggest Hostas you can grow in the garden.
Hosta First Frost 2lt
Heart-shaped blue leaves with a yellow changing to creamy-white edge, 'Halcyon' sport. Medium Hosta 35 to 40 cm.
Hosta Gentle Giant 3lt
Large upright and cupped blue leaves, grows into a very large clump. Extra large Hosta 90 to 100 cm.
Hosta Get Nekkid 2lt
Shiny green pointed leaves and selected for its spidery flowers.
Hosta Guacamole 3lt
Green changing to gold leaves with a green edge, large very fragrant flowers, 'Fragrant Bouquet' sport.60-70cm Ht.
Hosta Hydon Sunset 2lt Hosta Hydon Sunset 2lt
Small Hosta with golden yellow leaves.
Hosta Iced Lemon 2lt
Narrow golden leaves with a white edge, sport of 'Lemon Lime', identical to 'Lemon Frost'. Small Hosta with lavender-purple flowers
Hosta Kalamazoo 2lt
Long, pointed dark green leaves with a yellow changing to white margin, nice new intro with kikutii blood.40-50cm Ht. Lavender flowers.
Hosta Let's Twist Again 2lt
Wavy green leaves with a white margin. An unusual sport of ‘Patriot’. The appearance of ‘Wheee!’ but with a white margin. Medium Hosta 40 to 45 cm.
Hosta Liberty 2lt
Green leaves with an extremely broad creamy-yellow margin, spectacular sport of 'Sagae'. 60-70cmHt.
Hosta Little Miss Muffet 2lt
Small chartreuse-green leaves, a venusta selection. A mini Hosta 10 to 15 cm. Lavender-purple flowers.
Hosta Majordomo 2lt
Heart shaped arching leaves with a metal blue colour. Edges of the leaves have a slightly wavy margin. Medium sized Hosta.
Hosta Mini Skirt 2t Hosta Mini Skirt 2t
Wavy, thick, blue-green leaves with a wide yellowish-white margin.
Hosta Minuteman 2lt
Dark green leaves with a wide white margin, similar to 'Patriot' but we think that it is better. Medium-large Hosta 50 to 55 cm.
Hosta Mirror Lake 2lt
Shinny, dark green leaves on purple petioles. Nice compact grower with striking ruffled edges. Small-medium Hosta 25 to 30 cm.
Hosta Purple Boots 2lt Hosta Purple Boots 2lt
Medium sized Hosta with smokey green leaves. Wonderful purple petioles and scapes.
Hosta Queen of the Seas 2lt
Heart-shaped large thick blue-green leaves with a rippled and serrated margin, impressive plant. Large Hosta 60 to 70cm.
Hosta Red Cadet 2lt
Grey-green leaves with purple-red petioles and flower scapes, 'Riptide' x 'Blue Cadet', fast grower.30cm Ht. Lavender flowers. 
Hosta Red Salamander 2lt
Shiny green leaves with a wavy margin, red leaf petioles and flower scapes.35-40cm Ht. Lavender flowers.
Hosta Red Wine Fries 2lt
Grey-green leaves, intense purple petioles. An interesting hybrid of ‘Cranberry Wine’ and ‘Curly Fries’. Medium hosta 35 to 40 cm.
Hosta Reflections 2lt
Dark green nearly round leaves with a wide irregular yellow margin. Medium large Hosta 40-45 cm. 
Hosta Richmond 2lt Hosta Richmond 2lt
Large Hosta with pale green leaves which turn yellow later with cream edge.
Hosta Ringtail 2lt
Narrow shiny green leaves with an intense ruffled margin, a seedling of 'Green Fountain'. Medium Hosta 40 to 50 cm.
Hosta Sea Dream 2lt
Green changing to yellow leaves with a white margin, 'Neat Splash' hybrid.
Hosta Sea Grotto 2lt
Rounded puckered leaves of deep blue green. Of a medium habit with nearly white flowers. A particular favourite of ours from Mildred Seaver.
Hosta Sea Mist 2lt
Medium sized Hosta with light green cupped leaves with a slightly darker margin Nearly white flowers . A Mildred Seaver Hosta.
Hosta Second Wind 2lt
Reputedly one of the best green hostas. Dark green leaves with thin white edge on this medium to large Hosta 50-60cm.
Hosta Shiny Sonata 1lt Hosta Shiny Sonata 1lt
New Hosta we are offering this year with slightly gourdy shiny leaves. Small to medium in size and fragrant pale lavender almost white flowers. 
Hosta Small Parts 2lt
Small shiny dark green leaves, rapid grower that looks like a miniature form of 'Devon Green'. Max Height 15cm. Lavender  flowers. Partial shade.
Hosta Stained Glass 2lt
Golden leaves, green margin, this sport of 'Guacamole' shows its variegation earlier than its parent. Medium-large Hosta 50 to 55 cm. Fragrant pale lavender flowers
Hosta Striptease 3lt
Leaves with white line between yellow centre and green border unusual sport of Gold Standard.  Large Hosta 60-65cm
Hosta Swirls design 2lt
Small to medium sized Hostas with shiny green leaves with irregular yellow streaks and edges.
Hosta Toy Soldier 2lt Hosta Toy Soldier 2lt
Rounded blue green leaves with a cream margin.
Hosta Twist of Lime 2lt
Narrow yellow leaves with a green margin, nice sport of 'Lemon Lime', very floriferous. Small Hosta 15 to 20 cm.
Hosta Twitter 3lt
Thick dark green leaves with a wide yellow margin that turns white. A seedling that looks a lot like 'Twilight', but with a white margin later in the season.. Max Height 60cm.
Hosta Wily Willy 3lt
Medium sized Hosta with shiny dark green leaves with red petioles.
Hosta Wunderbar 2lt
Another new variegated sport from 'Empress Wu' with very large grey-green leaves with a wide yellow margin and pale lavender flowers.
Hosta Yellow Polka Dot Bikini 2lt
Green leaves with a white line between center and wide bright yellow edge that turns apple green later, 'Striptease' sport. Medium Hosta 35 to 45 cm.
Hosta Yellow River 3lt
Green leaves with yellow edge upright in habit. Extra large Hosta 80-90cm. Lavender flowers with medium growth habit.