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Evergreen perennials
Grasses, sedges and bamboo.
Herbaceous perennials
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Jams, Chutneys, Vinegars, Syrups, Cordials and Honey
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Shade and semi shade plants
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Unusual climbers
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Herbaceous perennials - Page 4

Tulipa sprengeri 1lt
A rare bulb from Turkey where it is now believed to be extinct. Thrives in cool shady damp areas and grows to about 20-30cm tall with intense brilliant red flowers in May-June.
Tulipa sprengri 1lt
A rare bulb from Turkey believed to be extinct in the wild. Thrives in cool shady damp areas and produces bright red flowers around May June.
Vancouveria hexandra 2lt Vancouveria hexandra 2lt
Shade loving perennial related to Epimedium with attractive light green scalloped leaves.  Clean white flowers from delicate stems hang over the foliage like little white clouds.
Veratrum schindleri - BSWJ4068 3lt Veratrum schindleri - BSWJ4068 3lt
Narrow pleated leaves on this clumping woodland perennial collected by Crug farm in Hong Kong.
Vernonia baldwinii 2lt
all clumping perennial related to Aster but without the mildew prone problems. Up to 2m tall and bearing vivid purple flowers late Summer
Vernonia missurica 2lt
Perennial that should be more commonly grown, related to Aster family but not so prone to mildew. Tall up to 2m in height and a riot of vivid purple flowers in late Summer/Autumn.
Viola Heartthrob 9cm Viola Heartthrob 9cm
Attractive heart shaped leaves with a pale green margin and dark centre. Abundance of pink flowers in Spring.
Wasabia japonica 3lt
Perennial used in Japanese cuisine known as Japanese horseradish. Large attractive semi glossy heart shaped leaves with spikes bearing clusters of cream flowers in Spring.

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