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Herbaceous perennials - Page 2

Hedychium forestii 3lt
Hardy ginger with large leaves running up the stems. Late Summer exotic white feathery flowers from the end of the stems which can be very showy
Helenium 'Red Jewel" 2lt
Sneezeweed. Sun loving, herbaceous perennial. From July through to September upright stems are topped with clusters of red-orange flowers with dark centres. H75cm. Fully hardy. Any soil. Great for bees and butterflies.
Helianthus Cally sp 3lt Helianthus Cally sp 3lt
A tall perennial with conspicuously veined green leaves. Rich yellow flowers open in late Summer to mid Autumn.
Helianthus Lemon Queen 3lt
Tall yellow daisy flowers late Summer.
Hemerocallis 'Pandoras Box' 3lt
A handsome perennial with sword-shaped arching leaves. Large cream with purple eye zone and green throat flowers in summer.
Hemerocallis 'Prince of Purple' 3lt
A clump-forming perennial with handsome, narrow arching leaves. Diural type with dark purple/violet petals with a green midrib. Chartreuse throat. Also has scent.
Hemerocallis 'Stoplight' 3lt
A clump-forming perennial with handsome, sword-shaped arching leaves. Large spider lily form. Red with slight green throat surrounded with a thin band of gold slight ruffling flowers in summer.
Hemerocallis 'Trahlyta' 3lt
A handsome perennial with sword-shaped arching leaves. Diural type with dark purple/violet petals with a green midrib. Chartreuse throat. Also has scent.
Hemerocallis 'Quilt Patch' 3lt
A clump-forming perennial with handsome, sword-shaped arching leaves. A very different brown/orange flower with darker mauve chevron eye and large gold throat reaching 13 cm across.
Hemerocallis 'Stella de Oro' 2lt
A clump-forming perennial with handsome, narrow arching leaves. Producing a succession of canary yellow flowers in summer and early autumn.
Hemerocallis fulva 'Europa' 3lt
A clump-forming perennial with dark bluish green leaves. Trumpet-shaped, orange-red flowers with ruffled edge in summer.
Hosta minor BSWJ1209 9cm
Small creeping perennial with mid to dark green veined leaves. Mauve flowers in summer. Max Height 10cm. Max Spread 1m. Flowers June to July. Partial shade. Slow growing and avoid being over wet in Winter
Hydrangea paniculata 'Phantom' 3lt
Attractive spherical panicles of large creamy white flowers which develop pink tinges in autumn which last well into the autumn.
Impatiens arguta Alba HPS seed 2lt
Hardy branching perennial up to 50cm ht producing white tubular flowers mid Summer.
Impatiens flanaganae 3lt Impatiens flanaganae 3lt
Large Impatiens with thick red stems and large attractive leaves. Flowers are orchid shaped and a lovely pink colour with a darker throat.
Impatiens omeiana 2lt
Hardy Impatiens with dark green foliage with gold midribs makes a good ground cover in moist cool shade.
Impatiens puberula HWJK2063 1lt
Low growing suckering Impatiens with stunning blue helmet shaped flowers with contrasting white spurs. These appear late summer into Autumn.Prefers cool humusy shade.
Impatiens tinctora 3lt
A stunning large member of the Impatiens family forming up to 4-5 foot stems. Bears large white spurred flowers with a burgundy throat. 
iris pseudacorus Berlin Tiger 3lt
Moisture loving Iris with tall dark yellow flags with dark brown streaks
Kirengeshoma palmata 3lt
A clump forming perennial with pale green leaves with serrated edges and pretty tubular yellow flowers in Summer.
Kniphofia 'Moonstone' 3lt

Red hot poker. Narrow sword-like foliage topped with spikes of apricot -yellow flowers flowers form June to September. Full sun or partial shade. Fully hardy.

Lathyrus vernus 3lt Lathyrus vernus 3lt
A bushy low growing perennial with attractive purple to pink  occasionally white flowers in Spring.
Leucophysalis sinense BWJ8093 3lt
A spreading perennial collected from Sichuan by Crug Farm closely related to Physalis. Nodding, creamy white flowers followed by orange-scarlet berries surrounded by papery red calyces.
Ligularia japonica Rising Sun BSWJ6293 2lt
A moisture loving plant which we love for its wonderful palmate lobed foliage on strong upright stems to 1m.
Ligusticum striatum 3lt
A biennial or short lived perennial with attractive dark green feathery foliage and large multi headed umbellifer cream and yellow flowers.
Lilium formosanum var. pricei 1lt
A beautiful short lily with trumpet-shaped white flowers strongly flushed purple on the outside in early summer.
Lilium lancifolium 2lt
Exotic, orange-red turkscap shaped blooms spotted black. Max Height 1.2m. Max Spread 20cm. Flowers August to September. Full sun. Hardy. Forms bulbils on stems which if set take about 4. years to produce flowering bulbs.
Lychnis 'Hill Grounds' 2lt
An interesting hybrid between L. flos-jovis and L. coronaria with semi-evergreen silvery-grey foliage and striking bright magnenta-pink sterile flowers. If deheaded it will flowers from May to October. Great for sunny and dry positions.
Lychnis flos cuculi 'Jenny' 2lt
Ragged robin. A hardy perennial adapted to moist shade that bears a profusion of double pink flowers from late spring until the autumn. Dead head the spent flowers and divide plant once every few years.
Lythrum salicaria 'Blush' 2lt
Purple Loosestrife. A clump-forming erect perennial with tall spikes of soft light pink flowers from mid-summer to early autumn.
Maianthemum bifolium 2lt
A favourite member of the Solomon's seal family with us. Small heart shaped glossy foliage emerging Early Spring with spikes of slightly fragrant cream flowers emerging later from the base of the leaves.
Maianthemum bifolium kamtschaticum minimum 1lt
Very small heart shaped leaves slowly spreading habit. Short spike of white flowers emerging late spring with some fragrance. These are followed by red fruit before the plant goes dormant for winter. Shade to semi shade in humus soil. Because of size beware of larger plants smothering. Will work in a sink or pot.
Maianthemum bifolium ssp. kamtschaticum - BSWJ4360 2lt
A favourite member of the Solomon's seal family with us. Large heart shaped glossy foliage emerging Early Spring with spikes of slightly fragrant cream flowers emerging later from the base of the leaves.
Mandragora officinarum 1lt
Perennial with a fleshy taproot and rosette of large leaves. Bell shaped greenish white flowers on very short stems which then go on to form yellow fruits in Autumn.
Matteuccia struthiopteris 1lt Matteuccia struthiopteris 1lt
A beautiful fern with bright pale green fronds which unfurl in spring to form tight 'shuttlecocks'.
Molopospermum peloponnesiacum 1lt Molopospermum peloponnesiacum 1lt
One of our favourite umbelifers bold fern like foliage on stout branching stems making it a very good statement plant. Late Spring greenish yellow umbel flowers
Osmunda regalis 'purparescens'  1lt Osmunda regalis 'purparescens' 1lt
A deciduous fern forming dense clumps of red-flushed fronds in spring becoming bright green.
Papaver Allegro 2lt
Perennial Oriental Poppy with large, red, silky flowers in early Summer. Rosette of hairy toothed green hair leaves.
Papaver Pattys Plum 2lt
Perennial Oriental Poppy with ruffled plum/mauve flowers early Summer.
Peltoboykinia watanabei 2lt Peltoboykinia watanabei 2lt
Good subject for foliage, flowers and shade to semi shade, Rounded deep toothed leaves held on a central stem to 20cm. Sprays of cream flowers held above on short spikes in summer. 
Persicaria amplexicaulis JS Degado Macho 3lt Persicaria amplexicaulis JS Degado Macho 3lt
Good form of this valuable late nectar source. Clump forming perennial with long lance shaped leaves on knobbly jointed stems. Mid to late Summer deep crimson spikes of flowers.
Peucedanum ostruthium 'Daphnis' 2lt Peucedanum ostruthium 'Daphnis' 2lt
Colourful shade tolerant perennial from France. It is not a variegated ground elder! Therefore not invasive but a steady clump former.
Phlomis russeliana 3lt
Clumps of coarse hairy foliage from which 1m spikes of flowers emerge consisting of whorls of tubular creamy yellow running in stages up the stem
Phlomis tuberosa 3lt
An erect perennial with grey-green leaves and tall purple stems with whorls of hooded lavender flowers in stages up the stems.
Physalis alkekengi v francheti 3lt Physalis alkekengi v francheti 3lt
Spreading perennial with nodding creamy white flowers in Summer which go on to form the red/orange bladder like capsules. Often known as Chinese lanterns
Phytolacca americana BSWJ 1243 3lt Phytolacca americana BSWJ 1243 3lt
Large showy perennial with thick red branching stems growing to over 2m tall.
Pinellia cordata green leaf form 9cm Pinellia cordata green leaf form 9cm
Bulbous perennial with foliage similar to  cyclamen with glossy green on the top. Underside is a wonderful silver  colour.
Polygonatum Cally sp 245
Up to 3 broad leaves in whorls up the stem. Pendant cream flowers in the axils which are reliably followed by translucent red/orange berries, like red mistletoe.
Polygonatum Cyrtonema 2lt
A very elegant form of this garden perennial with yellowish green flowers May-June. Very rarely offered.
Polygonatum hirtum 2lt
One of the shorter Solomon's seals growing to 25cm and clumping up reasonably quickly. Arching stems with alternate slightly downy leaves and cream bells of flower hanging from the axils in Spring.
Polygonatum humile Dopherensis 1lt
A perennial with upright stems and pendent, tubular white flowers followed by blue-black fruit. Max Height 20cm. Max Spread 50cm. Flowers May to June. Fruits August. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy. Harmful if eaten.
Polygonatum oderatum Ussuriland round leafed form 2lt
As the name suggests a form of this popular perennial with rounded ends to the alternate leaves running up the arching stems. Cream bell shaped flowers hanging from the leaf axils in Spring
Polygonatum odoratum Flatmate BSWJ857 2lt
Unusual form of this large family with stems up to 1M and large cream flowers hanging under the arching stems which in this form are very flattened.
Polygonatum orientale 3lt
One of the lower growing Polygonatums to round about 30cm.
Polygonatum verticillatum 3lt
A perennial with erect stems of narrow, bright green leaves. Tubular greenish white flowers followed by red fruit.
Polygonatum x hybridum 'Striatum' 2lt
A perennial with arching stems of bright green leaves, striped creamy white. Tubular green tipped creamy white flowers followed by blue-black fruit.
Polygonatum yunnanense og94047 1lt
A gorgeous dwarf form of Solomon's seal growing to 15cm with arching stems with alternate little glossy leaves. Tiny little cream bell flowers at leaf axils mid Spring followed by ark fruits.
Polygonatum zanlanscianense 2lt
Tall stemmed Polygonatum with whorls of lanceolate leaves in stages up the stem.
Rodgersia Cally Hybrids 3lt
A clump-forming perennial with bold, dark green leaves. A hydrid produced at Cally Gardens. Flower colour unknown but could be a mixture of white, pink or red starry flowers on upright stems.
Rodgersia podophylla BSWJ10818 3lt
Forms a huge clump with potential to reach a meter across especially if grown in a nice moist area. Will do Sun, shade or partial shade. Leaves are red on emergence turning green and finally yellow in Autumn. Panicles of cream flower in summer.

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