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Herbaceous perennials

Achillea 'Lachsschönheit' Salmon Beauty 3lt
Clump-forming with dark green leaves, many stems of light salmon-pink flowers fading to pinky white.
Achillea Inca Gold 3lt
A clump forming spreading perennial with aromatic feathery foliage. Flowering up to 80cm tall orange/yellow flowers fading to bronzy gold later in season.
Achillea millefolium 'Cerise Queen'
A perennial with dark green feathery leaves. Bright magenta-pink flowerheads.
Achillea millefolium 'Lilac Beauty'
A perennial with dark green feathery leaves and lilac flowerheads. Free flowering.
Actaea racemosa 3lt
A North American woodland native with textured leaves emerging from a short creeping rhizome. Tall flower stems up to 1.2M with long white bottlebrush flowers in July-Aug.
Actaea simplex Brunette 2lt
Dramatic almost black fern like foliage with a spikes of fragrant pinky flowers late Summer.
Adenophora remotiflora from Japan BSWJ10825 3lt Adenophora remotiflora from Japan BSWJ10825 3lt
An erect perennial with stems up to 60cm with narrow toothed foliage. Campanula like flowers to which it is related open mid Summmer.
Agapanthus Twister 1.5lt Agapanthus Twister 1.5lt
New introduction of this popular perennial plant with with clumps of strap like leaves and flowering spikes with balls of attractive blue/white bicolour flowers.
Ajuga reptans 'Black Scallop' 2lt
A fabulous low growing perennial with a carpet-like habit and makes great ground cover. The leaves are glossy and purple-black in colour and have crinkled or scalloped edges. In late spring to early summer short spikes of blue flowers are freely formed. Fully hardy. Prefers partial shade or shade. Any average soil. 
Amorphophallus konjac 1lt Amorphophallus konjac 1lt
Comoros perennial with a striking snakeskin mottled stem topped with a giant intricate divided leaf on top.
Angelica anomala BSWJ10968 3lt
Perennial Angelica with a difference! Many branched  angular stems with amazing lustrous leaves. Then it does the Angelica thing and produces umbels of white flowers followed by winged seed.
Angelica taiwaniana 3lt
Large flowered umbellifer which is a short lived perennial but good self seeder and easy to grow.
Arisaema flavum 2lt Arisaema flavum 2lt
Interesting woodlander with typical cobra hood flowers but in miniature. Quite squat in habit with green hood and dark mouth.
Arisarum vulgare var Typicum 1lt
Small arrow shaped greyish green foliage with silver spotting. Small Aroid type flowers coloured white with brown stripes Long spadix with a golden colour.
Asarum pulchellum 3lt Asarum pulchellum 3lt
Reasonably vigorous member of the ground gingers with fuzzy rounded leaves on a ground creeping rhizome system.8
Asclepias incarnata Ice Ballet 3lt
Thick-stemmed perennial with dense branches of mid-green leaves. Clustered umbels of white flowers followed by pointed seed pods.
Asclepias syriaca 3lt
Thick-stemmed perennial with dense branches of mid-green leaves. Clustered umbels of pinkish purple flowers followed by pointed seed pods.
Begonia grandis ssp evansiana 'Claret Jug' 9cm Begonia grandis ssp evansiana 'Claret Jug' 9cm
Tuberous begonia with one-sided red veined leaves, red beneath, Sprays of pendent fragrant pink flowers. Hardy.
Bletilla striata 'Albostriata 2lt
Ground orchid growing on a strong rhizome system producing short strappy variegated leaves.
Bupleurum longifolium 3lt Bupleurum longifolium 3lt
Fabulous perennial from Central Europe with dark green spatula shape leaves at the base. Flowers spikes up to  45cm tall with clusters of bracty flowers of greeny copper colours which make an excellent cut flower
Campanula 'Pink Octopus' 2lt
Ground covering plant with deep cut foliage. The flowers emerge on stout stems and consist of long thin pink petals hence the octopus reference in the name.
Campanula garganica 'Mrs Resholt' 9cm Campanula garganica 'Mrs Resholt' 9cm
Spreading perennial with heart-shaped, toothed, mid-green leaves. Attractive star-shaped, blue to lilac flowers.
Campanula kemulariae 2lt Campanula kemulariae 2lt
Vigorous ground covering bell flower with heart shaped leaves with serrated edges. Early Summer pendant blue bell shaped flowers on thin stems held above the foliage.
Cardamine bulbifera 2lt
Excellent woodlander for giving early cover in Spring with attractive pinky pale purple flowers.
Cautleya cathcartii Tenzings Gold BSWJ2281 3lt
Bulbous clumping perennial forming slender vertical stems with narrow leaves coloured purple red underneath. Topped by red bracted flowers with orange yellow petals.
Cautleya spicata Bleddyn's Beacon BSWJ2408 3lt
A member of the ginger family with dark red stems to about 1M and yellow/orange flowers emerging from red bracts in late Summer. Simply stunning.
Cautleya spicata Crûg Canary BSWJ2103 3lt
Dark red stems to about 1M with leaves running up the stem. Yellow/orange orchid-like flowers emerging from red bracts in late Summer.
Cenolophium denudatum 3lt
Good domed headed umbellifer with creamy white flowers Jun-Sep. Attractive pinnate leaved foliage which is darkly coloured in Winter (when new growth starts). 1m ht sun to semi shade.
Chloranthus japonica 3lt Chloranthus japonica 3lt
Unusual Japanese shade loving perennial with glossy leaves onstout stems with spikes of white scented flowers in the Spring.
Clematis Fusca v. coreana BSWJ8413 3lt Clematis Fusca v. coreana BSWJ8413 3lt
Unusual long lasting shaggy brown urn shaped flowers. Non climbing followed by golden tailed seedheads.
Commelina tuberosa 3lt Commelina tuberosa 3lt
When in flower this instantly makes you realise it is a member of the Tradescants. Tall stems with the typical flowers spaced up them
Convallaria majalis Bordeaux 2lt
A creeping perennial with broad dark green leaves and stems of strongly scented, waxy larger pure white bell-shaped flowers held on stems above the leaves.
Convularia majus Prolificans 2lt
So called double Lilly of the valley because the flowers appear to be double.
Convullaria majus 2lt
Lilly of the valley. Ground covering perennial with broad dark green leaves to 15cm ht spikes of delicate fragrant cream bell shaped flowers in Spring.
Convullaria majus Fortins Giant 2lt
Lily of the valley with larger than average fragrant cream bell shaped flowers in Spring.
Convullaria majus rosea 2lt Convullaria majus rosea 2lt
Lily of the valley with attractive pink tinged pendant bell flowers in Spring.
Crithmum maritimum 2lt
Rock samphire/ sea fennel. Clumping herbaceous perennial found naturally in coastal regions. Green succulent like leaves and umbels of yellow green flowers.
Daucus carota 2lt
Wild carrot. A good form of this native plant collected in Greece by Kevin Hughes. Good domed headed umbellifer with creamy white flowers Jun-Sept. Forming attractive seed heads after flowering.
Desmodium nudiflorum 3lt
An upright sub shrub with dark green leaves above and grey hairy beneath. Panicles of pea like lilac to  pink flowers.
Dipsacus asper ex Guangzhou 1lt Dipsacus asper ex Guangzhou 1lt
Interesting teasel which is proving to be perennial for us so far with good flower and seedheads.
Echinops phaerocephalus Artic Glow 3lt Echinops phaerocephalus Artic Glow 3lt
Green thistle like foliage on this clump forming perennial. Spike of spherical white flowers mid to late Summer.
Eomecon chionantha 3lt
Snow Poppy. A spreading perennial with pretty heart-shaped grey-green leaves. Loose panicles of poppy-like white flowers. Max Height 40cm. Flowers April to July. Partial shade. Hardy.
Eryngium giganteum 2lt
Miss Willmott's Ghost, Sea Holly. A biennial with spiny, mid-green leaves. Branched stems of cone-shaped, pale green at first then steel-blue flowers surrounded by spiny silvery grey bracts. Self seeds. Max Height 90cm. Max Spread 30cm. Flowers June to August. Full sun. Hardy.
Eucomis comosa 'Sparkling Burgundy' 2lt
An unusual flowering bulb producing pretty spike-like heads of star shaped flowers resembling a pineapple With dark strap like leaves.
Eupatorium fistulosum Bartered Bride 3lt
Tall statuesque herbaceous perennial with sharply pointed yellow green leaves with sturdy stems up to 3m high topped by heads of fluffy white flowers which are a nectar insect magnet.
Eupatorium ssp. maculatum Purple Bush 3lt
A perennial with mid-green leaves. Bears domed clusters of wine-red flowers on purple-red stems. This variety shorter than type.
Geranium Johnsons Blue 1.5lt Geranium Johnsons Blue 1.5lt
A geranium that never goes out of fashion and very reliable. Large blue flowers late Spring through Summer. Shade through to full sun.
Geranium nodosum 1lt
Hardy geranium with purplish blue flowers and tolerant of dry shade.
Globba aff. hookeri HWJCM471 2lt
A ginger collected in Nepal. Up to 1.5m tall slender upright stems sporting typical ginger leaves. Unusual upright yellow racemes of flowers which form bulbils afterwards which drop to ground to make more plants.
Gunnera perpensa 3lt
Rounded felty about 20cm diameter leaves on stems to 45cm on this rhizome spreading plant. Sprays of reddish flowers in Summer.
Hedychium Cally form 3lt
A ginger with stout stems with a reddish hue to 1.5m tall and bold foliage . Topped in late Summer with with loose spike of delicately scented yellow flowers July - Sept.
Hedychium densiflorum 3lt
Clump forming perennial with tall reddish stems up to 2m which in late summer produce fragrant spikes of orange flowers.
Hedychium forestii 3lt
Hardy ginger with large leaves running up the stems. Late Summer exotic white feathery flowers from the end of the stems which can be very showy
Helianthus Cally sp 3lt Helianthus Cally sp 3lt
A tall perennial with conspicuously veined green leaves. Rich yellow flowers open in late Summer to mid Autumn.
Helianthus Lemon Queen 3lt
Tall yellow daisy flowers late Summer.
Hemerocallis 'Pandoras Box' 3lt
A handsome perennial with sword-shaped arching leaves. Large cream with purple eye zone and green throat flowers in summer.
Hemerocallis 'Prince of Purple' 3lt
A clump-forming perennial with handsome, narrow arching leaves. Diural type with dark purple/violet petals with a green midrib. Chartreuse throat. Also has scent.
Hemerocallis 'Stoplight' 3lt
A clump-forming perennial with handsome, sword-shaped arching leaves. Large spider lily form. Red with slight green throat surrounded with a thin band of gold slight ruffling flowers in summer.
Hemerocallis 'Trahlyta' 3lt
A handsome perennial with sword-shaped arching leaves. Diural type with dark purple/violet petals with a green midrib. Chartreuse throat. Also has scent.

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