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Coronavirus update Swines Meadow Farm Nursery.

We have taken the difficult decision to close the nursery to visitors in a bid to protect customers, staff and ourselves from infection by the coronavirus. 

We are also offering a local delivery service (15 miles) with items brought to your home and no contact taking place. Deepings free, further distance nominal amount to cover fuel and time. To conserve fuel we will be doing one delivery slot at 2pm each day so orders for same day need to be in by 1pm please. 



Please browse our updated website www.swinesmeadowfarm

Payment by card can be taken over the phone or by bank transfer keeping contact to a minimum.


Herbaceous perennials

Achillea fillipenda Gold Plate 3lt
Fine fern like silver green foliage on this spreading perennial. Mid to late Summer tall flower spike with intense yellow flat headed flowers up to 1.5m.
Aconitum Swines Meadow hybrid 3lt
Bicoloured flowers on this form selected at our nursery.
Actaea matsumurae - BSWJ11015 3lt
Rhizome spreading perennial with delicate divided foliage with flowering stems coming through them late Summer bearing cream bottle brush scented flowers.
Actaea pachypoda 'Misty Blue' Actaea pachypoda 'Misty Blue'
Misty Blue comes from the colour of this plants emergent fern like leaves which turn an amazing salmon pinky colour in Autumn.
Agapanthus 'Black Pantha' Agapanthus 'Black Pantha'
Black-blue flowers from dark stems Jul-Sep, 60cm. Grow in well drained soil in full sun.PVR in Europe - unlicensed propagation for resale prohibited. Ready Mid Summer.
Agapanthus Gold Drop 2lt
Miniature Agapanthus recently introduced. Variegated strappy leaves of green with yellow edges.
Ageritina altissima Chocolate
Attractive foliage of chocolate colour in Summer with cream flower late season.
Anemonopsis macrophylla 3lt
Very choice woodlander from Japan. Fern like foliage.
Araila californica 5lt
Large perennial with thick branching stems with large green pinnate leaves, Late Summer typical araiiacea compound racems of cream flower. 
Aralia kansuensis - BWJ7650 5lt
One of the smaller members of this family but still able to achieve heights up to 1m. Wonderful small textured pinnate leaves on cluster of stems arising from the centre of this clumping perennial.
Arisarum proboscideum Arisarum proboscideum
Affectionally known as the Mouse tail plant. Charming little shade woodlander perennial.
Arum conccinnatum Mt Ida Form 2lt Arum conccinnatum Mt Ida Form 2lt
Fabulous foliage plant and very garden worthy. Tall green stems with attractively mottled arrow shaped leaves to about 4ocm.
Arum italicum Curtis Giant 2lt
A wonderful form of this woodlander  with arrow shaped leaves with attractive marbling on the veins.
Asarum Maximum 'Silver Panda' Asarum Maximum 'Silver Panda'
Young plant coming along available 2017 Large evergreen silver-marked foliage, prolific clusters of large white-eyed black trilobed flowers Feb-Jun, 25cm. Easy in shade.
Asarum pulchellum 3lt Asarum pulchellum 3lt
Reasonably vigorous member of the ground gingers with fuzzy rounded leaves on a ground creeping rhizome system.8
Asarum sp Chen Yi 3lt
Ground covering wood lander with heart shaped green leaves lightly spotted. Surface running rhizomes with strange little tubular cream flowers in Spring.
Astilbe rivulare 3lt
Tall member of this moisture loving perennial up to 2m!
Bletilla striata 'Albostriata 2lt
Ground orchid growing on a strong rhizome system producing short strappy variegated leaves.
Broussonetia papyrifera 2lt
Also known as paper Mulberry. Leaves have a rough texture and have intricate serrated leaves.
Campanula 'Pink Octopus' 2lt
Ground covering plant with deep cut foliage. The flowers emerge on stout stems and consist of long thin pink petals hence the octopus reference in the name.
Campanula garganica 'Mrs Resholt' 9cm Campanula garganica 'Mrs Resholt' 9cm
Spreading perennial with heart-shaped, toothed, mid-green leaves. Attractive star-shaped, blue to lilac flowers.
Cardamine bulbifera 2lt
Excellent woodlander for giving early cover in Spring with attractive pinky pale purple flowers.
Cardiocrinum giganteum 2lt
Also known as the giant Himalayan lily this bulbous perennial has lovely large heart shaped leaves at the base from which a tall flower spike up to 2.5m emerges late Spring of scented white flowers.
Chloranthus fortunei domino Chloranthus fortunei domino
sold out for this season. Scented white flowers in arching fluffy heads over black foliage over a long period Apr-Jun the foliage then goes green, 55cm. Leafy shade.
Convallaria majalis Fortins Giant 2lt
Typical Lily of the Valley except when it comes to size! Definitely bigger and very showy Spring perennial.
Crambe cordifolia 3lt
Invaluable plant for nectar attracting and giving a wow factor to the garden. Large deeply cut leaves with impressive tall plant spike with clouds of small cream flowers in Summer.
Crambe maritima 3lt
A large perennial with grey green curly edged foliage which is purple when firdt emerging in Spring. Tall branching flowering stems in Summer covered in a froth of tiny cream flowers. 
Crambe maritima Lilywhite 3lt
Not quite as dark new foliage as straight C maritima but still that almost succulent crinkly foliage. Same impressive tall flowering spike with multitude of white flowers /
Crambe orientalis 3lt
No one should be without one of the members of this amazing group of plants in the herbaceous border. Hairy long irregular shaped leaves on dark petioles. Multi heading flower spike (up to 2m) in Summers with tiny cream flowers giving a cloud like appearance from a distance and bringing in lots of nectar loving insects.
Crambe orientalis Morning snow 3lt
Similar to Crambe orientalis but flowers of white. Sunny spot middle to back of border and essential for a mixed herbaceous planting for wow factor and nectar insect attractant. 
Dicentra cucullaria 2lt Dicentra cucullaria 2lt
Very choice woodlander with silver green finely dissected ferny foliage. Delicate pink flower spikes with white arrow shaped flowers with yellow tips.
Dipsacus asper ex Guangzhou 3lt
Interesting teasel which is proving to be perennial for us so far with good flower and seedheads.
Disporum cantoniense aureovariegatum 2lt
Lightly variegated Disporum which goes green as stems mature during season.
Disporum flavens2lt
Another Solomons seal with erect stems to 35cm growing in a tidy clump . the ends of the stems bend over producing very pretty yellow flowers.
Disporum viridescens BSWJ 4598 2lt
Definitely a highly desirable plant with erect single stems with alternate leaves running the length of them. Lovely creamy green delicate clusters at the terminal ends which then form dark fruits.
Dracunculus vulgaris
A bulbous perennial with large dark green leaves marked purple-brown, in summer, foul-smelling, maroon-purple spathes produced above the leaves.
Dryopteris felix mas linearis polydactyla3lt Dryopteris felix mas linearis polydactyla3lt
Interesting male fern with finely cut foliage. Decidious
Echinacea purpurea 2lt
Purple daisy flower with dark cone centre.
Eleutherococcus sessiliflorus - BSWJ4528 3lt
Deciduous Fatsia relative with arching prickly stems with five foliate small leaves.
epimedium rubrum Galadriel 2lt epimedium rubrum Galadriel 2lt
Attractive heart shaped foliage with tints of red  fading to green. Red flowers on wiry stalks come through the foliage and hang in clusters in Spring.
Eryngium Neptune Gold 2lt Eryngium Neptune Gold 2lt
Spiky golden foliage topped by spike of electric blue spiky flowers in Summer.  Interesting combination and a very popular recent introduction.
Erythronium californicum White beauty 1lt
Wonderful little Dogs tooth violet with attractive foliage and beautiful star like reflexed flowers of white.
Erythronium tuolumnense x revolutum Johanna 2lt Erythronium tuolumnense x revolutum Johanna 2lt
Fabulous foliage on this dog tooth's violet with Large yellow flowers with reflexed petals.
Eucomis comosa 'Sparkling Burgundy'
An unusual flowering bulb producing pretty spike-like heads of star shaped flowers resembling a pineapple With dark strap like leaves.
Fuchsia procumbens
Rare New Zealand Fuchsia. Yellow tubular with green tips and stamens of red and blue.
Geranium nodosum Simon 2lt
Hardy geranium with pinkish blue flowers and tolerant of dry shade.
Geranium wlassovianum Crug Farm 2lt
Good introduction from Cug with new leaves forming a russet coloured mound. Very floriferous from July to frost with delicate bright purple flowers.
Helianthus Lemon Queen 3lt
Tall yellow daisy flowers late Summer.
Helianthus Loddons Gold 2lt
Tall double yellow perennial sunflower.
Helianthus salicifolius 2lt
Large perennial sunflower which can grow to 2.5m in ht. Tall but strong stems with foliage of long narrow leaves up the length of them giving a pleasing feathery effect and texture to the border.
Impatiens arguta Alba HPS seed 2lt
Hardy branching perennial up to 50cm ht producing white tubular flowers mid Summer.
Impatiens arguta Big Form 2lt
Branching perennial with blue tubular flowers from mid Summer.
Impatiens omeiana 2lt
Hardy Impatiens with dark green foliage with gold midribs makes a good ground cover in moist cool shade.
Impatiens omeiana Cally Red 2lt
This hardy Impatiens has amazing red coloured foliage as it emerges in the spring.
Impatiens quinganganica Emei Dawn 2lt
A showy hardy impatiens we obtained fro Michael Wickenden of Cally Gardens.
Iris Black Swan 3lt
Tall bearded iris, with upright silk-textured standards of translucent purple contrast with broad, black velvet falls.
Iris Blue pygmy 3lt Iris Blue pygmy 3lt
Dwarf Iris with short wide fans of leaf with short spike of dark blue Iris flowers in Spring. Sunny spot in front of border or in pots.
Iris Deep Black 3lt
A tall bearded iris with sword-like narrow green leaves, with falls extra dark purple, almost black, with a lighter blue-purple beard and standards.

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