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From: £5.50
Adiantum hispidulum 1lt Adiantum hispidulum 1lt
Delicate maidenhair fern with a distinctive umberella type appearence. Needs a sheltered site or cold greenhouse for winter.
Anemia mexicana 1lt Anemia mexicana 1lt
Also known as Mexican flowering fern due to the fertile fronds that appear to be almost Astilbe like, The normal fronds very similar to Cyrtonium fronds.
Asplenium bulbifera 3lt Asplenium bulbifera 3lt
An interesting fern from New Zealand. Evergreen filigree foliage on stems up to 50cm tall. This fern propogates itself by bulbils forming on the fronds eventually forming little plantlets.
Asplenium scolopendrium 1lt
Evergreen solid strap like foliage growing in shuttlecock like crowns.
Asplenium scolopendrium Angustifolius 1lt
Evergreen narrow strap like foliage with crinkled edges growing in shuttlecock like crowns.
Asplenium scolopendriun 'Cristata' 1lt
Evergreen strap-like, bright green fronds that are crested at the tips.
Asplenium trichomanes 1lt Asplenium trichomanes 1lt
Evergreen native British fern. Common name Maidenhair spleenwort. Black wiry stems with mid green delicate leaflets running up them and tapering to a point at the end.
From: £4.00
Blechnum penna marina Alpina 1lt
Broadly pinnate dark green dull-glazed evergreen fronds form dense low ground-cover in a shady spot.
Blechnum spicant 1lt
The native hard fern. A very pretty fern with good neat clumps of comb-like fronds.
Cyrtomium fortunei Clivicola 1lt
Compact grower with bold leathery leafy fronds of pale green.
Dicksonia antartica 1lt Dicksonia antartica 1lt
A tree-like evergreen fern with delicate fronds, pale green at first darkening with age.
Dryopteris austrica Crispa Whiteside 1lt
Semi evergreen fern with bushy habit and very pale new fronds in Spring which darken with age.
Dryopteris dilatata 2lt
Broad buckler fern with dark green triangular semi evergreen fronds with hairy midribs and stalks.
Dryopteris felix mas 1lt
Common name is male fern.Semi evergreen with mid green triangular fronds.
Dryopteris felix mas Barnesi 1lt
Common name is forked male fern.Semi evergreen with narrow fronds.
Microlepia strigosa "Macfaddenae" 3lt Microlepia strigosa "Macfaddenae" 3lt
Very similar in appearance to tatting fern with long narrow crested fronds. Deciduous and grows to approximately 30cm.
Microlepia strigosa 3lt Microlepia strigosa 3lt
Lace fern which lives up to its common name with finely divided deciduous mid green fronds. Grows up to 30cm.
Onoclea sensibilis 2lt
Arching broadly segmented frond so can provide a good contrast in woodland or fernery.
Polypodium scouleri 1lt
Bolder in stature than our native polypody and dark green in nature. Evergreen lobed fronds
Polypodium vulgare 3lt Polypodium vulgare 3lt
An attractive evergreen fern with deep cut leathery fronds.
Polystichum acrostichoides 2lt
Known in its native American habitat as the Christmas fern as used in decoration at that time of year. Simple pinnate leaflets up stem potentially 80cm in good fern conditions.
Polystichum munitum 1lt
Long sword like fronds leading to its common name American sword fern. Given good conditions can grow 1m. From North America and evergreen. 
Polystichum rigens 1lt
Medium sized fern with evergreen triangular fronds which are quite hard to the touch.
Polystichum setiferum congestum group 1lt Polystichum setiferum congestum group 1lt
An attractive dwarf fern with divided, green fronds with the lower leaves overlapping.
Polystichum yunnanense 3lt
Medium sized fern with twice dissected fronds on this semi evergreen fern from Yunnan.
Polysticum x dycei 1lt
Hybrid fern with shiny slightly hairy fronds growing to about 80cm. Semi evergreen when young and supposedly is a bulbil producing fern. 
Thelypteris decursive "Pinnata" 3lt
Japanese Beech fern. Soft green tapering fronds and gentle spreading fern. Deciduous.
Woodwardia orientalis v. formosana - BSWJ6865 3lt Woodwardia orientalis v. formosana - BSWJ6865 3lt
Large evergreen fern which is of borderline hardiness.