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Coronavirus update Swines Meadow Farm Nursery.

We have taken the difficult decision to close the nursery to visitors in a bid to protect customers, staff and ourselves from infection by the coronavirus. 

We are also offering a local delivery service (15 miles) with items brought to your home and no contact taking place. Deepings free, further distance nominal amount to cover fuel and time. To conserve fuel we will be doing one delivery slot at 2pm each day so orders for same day need to be in by 1pm please. 



Please browse our updated website www.swinesmeadowfarm

Payment by card can be taken over the phone or by bank transfer keeping contact to a minimum.


Evergreen perennials

Aspidistra aff. daibuensis 'Tidy Trim' - BSWJ6866 Aspidistra aff. daibuensis 'Tidy Trim' - BSWJ6866
Evergreen shade loving plant with strap-like leavesup to 20cm long. Nice vigorous grower and flowers quite regulary.
Aspidistra aff. daibuensis Taiwan Stars BSWJ312b 2lt Aspidistra aff. daibuensis Taiwan Stars BSWJ312b 2lt
Differs from Aspidistra 'Tidy Trim" in having taller leaves. Has a good vigorous habit.
Aspidistra Chen Yi 135 2t
Unidentified Aspidistra from China. Relatively short in height 20cm with broad evergreen leaves to 6cm and light speckling,
Aspidistra elatior 'Lennon's Song' 2lt
Aspidistra sport discovered in Florida by Robin Lennon so no reference to the Beatle!
Aspidistra hainanensis 'Jade Ribbons' 2lt
Aspidistra with long thin pleated in middle leaves to 30cm.
Aspidistra tonkinensis 3lt
Quite a tall plant with long petioles contributing to this.
Aspidistra vietnamensis Ginga 2lt
According to Tony Advent at Plant Delights USA this is a plant that has been commonly sold as A Milky Way. 
Cynara cardunculus (1) Cynara cardunculus (1)
A handsome clump-forming perennial with deeply cut, silvery grey leaves. Large thistle-like, purple flowerheads, produced on grey woolly stems.
Dianella tasmanica Taz Red 3lt
Green scrappy leaves (40cm) forming a dense clump. The bases of these leaves have a red colour hence the cultivar name. Thin stout stalks emerging in Summer with attractive blue flowers similar to Solanums.
Dierama Blackberry Hills 3lt deep
Grass like clumping perennial with tall flowering spikes of deep maroon bells.
Digitalis Glory of Roundway 3lt
Perennial foxglove with spires of small flower of pink outers and apricot interiors. 
Disporopsis aspera 3lt
Solomon's seal relative with thick evergreen alternate foliage on arching stems to 30cm. Cream bell like flowers in Spring hanging down fro the leaf axils followed by dark fruits.
Disporopsis pernyi
A perennial with glossy dark green leaves and lemon-scented white flowers with reflexed green tips, on slightly arching leafy stems.
Disporum longistylum - BWJ8128 Disporum longistylum - BWJ8128
Evergreen in mild winter a member of the Solomon seal family growing up to 1m in height.
Epimedium cantabrigiense
Clump forming perennial with heart shaped leaves and small yellow flowers in mid spring.
Eryngium guatemalensis BSWJ1097 3lt
Long narrow spiny leaves growing in a architectural rosette to about 15cm.
Fascicularia bicolour 3lt Fascicularia bicolour 3lt
Hardy bromeliad which has thin grey green spiky leaves growing from a central rosette.
Liriope grassy 2lt
Thin grassy foliage with spike of pinkish flowers mid Summer followed by dark berries.
Liriope muscari Websters Wide leaf 2lt
Good evergreen with wide grass like foliage and spikes of pinky purple flowers August onwards.
Liriope spicata 2lt
Spreading evergreen grass like plant very good ground cover. Spikes of pinky/violt flower summer followed by dark fruit.
Ophiopogon chingii crispum 2lt
Evergreen ground covering grass like perennial which will work in a wide range of situations
Ophiopogon formosanus BSWJ3658 2lt
Thin evergreen grass like leaves on yet another invaluable garden plant suited for shade, semi shade and even sun.
Ophiopogon japonicus BSWJ1871 2lt
Thin tough grass like leaves on this ground covering plant which is tolerant of shade.
Ophiopogon scaber BSWJ3655 2lt
Excellent evergreen ground covering plant suitable for most conditions but good in shade to semi shade.
Ophiopogon wallchianus 2lt
Fine grassy foliage on this evergreen ground cover which does shade very well.
Polypodium vulgare 'Bifido Multifidum' 3lt Polypodium vulgare 'Bifido Multifidum' 3lt
A sport of the common polypody fern which has crested ends on the fronds
Polypodium vulgare 3lt Polypodium vulgare 3lt
An attractive evergreen fern with deep cut leathery fronds.
Polystichum setiferum wollastonii 3lt
An evergreen fern, with soft, finely divided overlapping fronds.
Rosemarinus officinalis Pointe da Raz 5lt
Prostrate Rosemary with good flower.
Saxifraga hisuta 2lt
Good ground covering saxifrage with tough rounded hairy leaves,
Smilax aspera 3lt
Interesting evergreen climber with glossy arrow shaped green leaves with pale speckles.